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Man investigates US government pedophilia ring, dies under suspicious circumstances

British conspiracy theorist found dead in Poland, his claim was absolutely startling!! Folks this one's a doozy, a man named Max Spiers who in all conventions was a "conspiracy theorist" was found dead in Poland where he was set to give a lecture in the country.

It has emerged that he was investigating a pedophile ring in the US army , that's right the U.S army. There was a child care center for the U.S army on the Presidio base in Northern California it was demolished in the late 80's because apparently some 60 children were sexually abused there according to the Associated Press. One civilian employee by the name of Gary Willard Hambright, was indicted of molesting up to 10 children, those charges were later dropped, well that makes you wonder doesn't it? Why? According to another newspaper a soldier was an accomplice in the molesting, a LT. Col. Michael Aquino who later founded a Satanic movement called The Temple Of Set, this is where things get weird folks and I mean really weird.

In the few days leading up to Max's death he had sent out messages one to his own mother saying 'If anything happens to me, investigate' he knew something was going on and he knew his life was in true danger because nobody just up and says that folks. No post-mortem examination happened which is a little odd? Isn't it? His mother claims they won't release any paperwork on the matter of his death only a death certificate that read "Natural Causes".

None of the people involved in the Presidio base scandal were ever convicted and now a statement from his peers and a telling by his own mother that he was a healthy individual just up and dying? There have been claims that he had vomited up a weird black liquid at the apartment he was staying at. Could it be that this man who had subsequent information on a ring of pedophiles and ritual sexual abuse of children in San Francisco in the early 80 was poisoned? Could someone from the U.S army or government put a hit out on this "Conspiracy Theorist? You decide! This was a little too weird for my taste folks but it definitely makes you think.

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