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Photo credit: Indian River County Sheriff's Office

Illegal Alien Using Stolen Identification Molests 11 Year Old Girl

In another disgusting twist to the never ending reminder of why illegal aliens are despised in America, an illegal criminal was arrested for molesting an eleven year old girl while stolen identification along with a fraudulent social security number.

First and foremost let's stop calling them ‘illegal immigrants’ or even ‘illegal aliens’. These are illegal criminals who violate federal law the moment they cross into the United States illegally thus in turn becoming wanted fugitives, a la ‘illegal criminals’.

The disgusting criminal, Erick Bello, 27, was arrested for molesting the eleven year old girl at a summer camp at the beginning of July at the Jungle Club Sports Complex, where he is employed illegally by the owners as a ‘Gym Instructor’, in Vero Beach, Florida.

Bello has been charged by local authorities with ‘lewd or lascivious molestation on a child younger than 12 by someone 18 or older’ according to court records.

The official police report says that the minor victim was in tears while reporting to law enforcement that, “Bello began inappropriately touching her in an enclosed room when the two were alone.”

The filthy illegal child predator at first denied that he was ever alone with poor the girl but then later lied again changing his story and admitted that he indeed was alone with her. However he still adamantly denied that he ever molested the poor child.

Truthfully the police should have called the girl's father and quietly allowed vigilante justice on the border, and then throwing his rotting corpse back into Mexico.

As the police began to further investigate Bello they found that not only was he an illegal criminal but he's also in the United States using a stolen social security number and identification, which is often the case with these violent illegal savages who cross into America with ill intent in mind.

Eventually worse, John Cairns, owner of The Jungle Club, which employed the illegal criminal to begin with is standing in support of this disgusting child predator.

Cairns is quoted as saying, “He is an individual that, in my personal opinion, would never have done this. We are still investigating, and we’re never going to say never, but we have to make sure we have open arms and open eyes.”

“We’re all very upset with this,” Cairns added. “Erick is kind of a family member.”

Several staff members of the Jungle Club also stood in defense of this ruthless illegal savage, telling the local media that “they doubt any molestation occurred.”

“Eric startled this young lady,” the club owner insisted, “and apparently they just passed each other on the stairs.” Cairns said he will stand by his employee until more proof is offered.

Sure he will, because it occurred at his business where he not only illegally hired an illegal criminal, but also could be liable if Bello is found guilty since it happened on his property.

The disgusting enabler of illegal criminals, Cairns, went on to say that, “This young man has worked for us for a number of years. He has been the best employee that we could ever ask for. So we are standing behind this employee.”

When being targeted by right wing activists saying that the facility hires illegals thus is not a safe place for families, Cairns also disputed the notion that his facility is somehow unsafe for children.

“I can honestly say this is one of the safest places that I would ever send my children,” he said. The man literally hires illegal criminals, one who is accused of molesting an 11 year old girl and he has the audacity to defend ‘the safety’ of the facility instead of apologizing. Disgusting.

Law enforcement however believes this may not be the first incident and encourages anyone else who may have been a victim at this location or to this barbaric criminal to come forward.

Indian River County Sheriff Deryl Loar said in a statement to the press, “Our detectives are hoping that there are no other victims of this child predator. We are sharing his photo, knowing that in reality there are likely other victims. Anyone with information pertaining to Bello’s activities should come forward immediately,”

The Indian River Sheriff’s Office is pleading with the community for anyone with information to contact Detective Jeremy Shepard at 772-978-6120.

Bello is now being held on a $10,000.00 bond at the Indian River County Jail, where he will be detained until either bail is met or trial is held. Hopefully he has an ‘accident’ while behind bars. Criminals of all sorts tend to enact vigilante justice on pedophiles and child predators.


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Anonymous No. 5294 2017-07-17 : 23:44

So let me get this straight, you're saying it would be better if she was molested by an American pedophile instead. Your concept of morality is totally screwed. As regards your calling them criminals, face it most are coming across to get away from the animals you have making the drugs, after all there is no point making it unless you have buyers in the U.S. happily taking the shit. Another reason is because they 'want' to work, homelands just allowed more visa's because no Americans want to do the lesser jobs, as though they are too good to grow crops, etc. You have people complaining about U.S. citizens being denied, but every time they're offered they turn away. Some of you pricks probably think the original settlers came with a prebuilt mcdonalds.

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