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Russian National Claims FBI Offered Cash To Falsely Claim He Hacked DNC

New reports are surging out of foreign press that claim Russian National Evgeny Nikulin, who is accused of having involvement in cybercrime activities in both Russia and the United States, wrote a personal letter to Donald Trump claiming that the Federal Bureau of Investigation not only offered him money and United States citizenship to lie, but to smear then Candidate Trump’s Presidential campaign.

The Russian national claims that the Federal Bureau of Investigation offered both the citizenship and cash in exchange for lying about hacking the servers of the Democratic National Committee in order to harm President Trump's election campaign.

Evgeny Nikulin was detained by foreign officials in the Czech Republic on October 5, 2016, for a warrant related to a criminal complaint by the United States Federal Court system.

United States Federal prosecutors and investigators accuse the Russian national of allegedly hacking computers belonging to private companies LinkedIn, Dropbox and Formspring online services and demand his extradition.

The letter written by Nikulin’s lawyer Vladimir Makeev, stated, “Special Agent Jeffrey Miller of the Federal Bureau of Investigation offered Nikulin to agree to extradition to the United States and then to defame your US President Donald Trump’s election campaign in media by lying that he is responsible for hacking the servers of the Democratic Party. For his perjury, Nikulin was promised that the criminal prosecution against him would be closed as well as financial compensation and the US citizenship.”

Nikulin’s defense team told Russian newspapers that Nikulin is currently being detained in inhumane and unacceptable conditions, while his rights are constantly being violated by pressures from US intelligence agencies.

His attorney Makeev stressed that Nikulin both suffers from hepatitis-C and liver disease and has not received any necessary treatment, and he believes the Federal Bureau of Investigation is hoping he will die to silence him.

Nikulin’s cautious legal team also wrote a letter to the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and asked him to personally inform the Czech Foreign Ministry of human rights violations towards a Russian citizen.

The Kremlin is now furious and also demands Nikulin’s free extradition to Russia immediately as he is suspected of a cybercrime, which resulted in a theft of $3,450 from a Moscow resident, to face trial in his home country.

Several Democrats and some Republicans have infamously accused the Russian government of somehow being behind the theft of data from email servers belonging to the Democratic National Committee but absolutely refuse to release any evidence showing that such allegations hold merit, leaving even most Americans to believe this is all a Deep State hoax.

Footing the ‘slow-drip’ release of information during the campaign by WikiLeaks, the Russian government has continued to deny the allegations.


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Anonymous No. 5297 2017-07-18 : 00:40

If you would like a tasty little theory which will amuse and annoy, how about this. Over a period of time knowing full well that Trump is a narcissistic personality, the Russian(and possibly Chinese) government set up a plan of destabilisation complex in some ways, yet stunningly simple in others, you start by persuading Trump to go for the Whitehouse, whilst this is happening youmeet and greet his people who frankly are taught by Trump not to ever give out private information, you get known russian shitstirers to play kiss ass. Then you set up JR who always tries to please daddy(sorry but it's true), you play Ivanka because the emnity between her and Melania is an open secret. Melania has had problems with Trump's attitudes in the past, especially regarding women. Once you have him flip flopping nicely on various thins(one example is regarding abortion, he is actually pro aboirtion, but realising that would pose problems especially on the republican ticket, he reversed for convenience), after deliberately messing around with the election in various ways, plus all the other little twists they utilise Trump gets elected(though not on actual number of votes). Then starts the destabilisation campaign, letting out some truth here, a little lie there and off it goes,CNN for example get used as whipping boy while in the meantime FOX has done a full 180(bear in mind i'm only using the most known cases), and you get the current situation, left to the left, right to the right and god forbid anyone tries being sane. As predicted Trump tries running U.S. as a buisiness completely ignoring the fact that it is a country and people tend to dislike being kicked out, well to solve this he blames everyone who isn't white or christian(when scientology, et al realise, watch the fun start), also he thinks that he can tell other countries what to do, lie to the then publicly tell everyone else he was lying, so on and so forth. The problem now is that depending on how bad the election meddling is you have an illegally elected president so by law he's got to go, he is not following the path they thought he would, he's also alienating America from the rest of the world and potentially starting, race and religious wars amongst various other possibilities, civil war being another, also if he isn't careful the other countries will simply cut America off by refusing to buy any American merchandise or sell anything to America. To finish off, if China decided to call in the American debt that would be the finish,sure America would cdall in anyone who owes them, but a lot of them could play the exchange game between countries so that, say China again buys up any remaining debt, even if it somehow magically cleared everyones debts and America paidup, you'd be on your own, food, oil, etc. Try to force another country and you would literally be against the world, and for what? An illegitamate President. I guarantee that it would no longer be America as you know it, and the constitution would be in shreds.

Sorry if this is a little(or a lot ) crazy sounding, I was merely postulating and following through a conspiracy idea, I didn't bother to run back and forth to confirm or calendrically set data as I was letting my mind go free rein with the info as I recalled it, any errors are easy to check and no doubt someone will, however as I wrote at the beginning, it's only a theory, however if I end up blowing bubbles mid atlantic, well you'll never know

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