By: Red Pill | 07-17-2017 | News
Photo credit: FOX4

Florida Man Named Jesus Survives 7,000lb Falling Debris On Car

36-year-old Jesus Escobar was driving into work as he was exiting off Interstate 4 onto State Road 528, and thought he was ready for his typical Saturday workday. However, he had no idea what was about to happen on the overpass above him.

Another driver of a Mack truck loaded down with scrap metal and heavy steel, Antonio Santiago Wharton, 33, of Kissimmee, was driving along the overpass above.

As he approached the curve, he then lost control of the truck, hit the guardrail and overturned the massive vehicle, the Florida Highway Patrol said.

When that happened A 7,000-pound metal pipe flew off Wharton’s truck, crashing down off the overpass, and landed squarely on the roof of Escobar’s Pontiac Van.

As you can see in the video the force of the impact crushed the driver’s side roof of the van, troopers said. From the outside, it looks like anyone inside would have been immediately killed.

Law enforcement, however, say that Jesus Escobar, the father of three, was granted a miracle in order to survive the accident which completely smashed his vehicle and should have killed him.

Not only was Jesus able to survive but he walked away with merely scratches. State Highway Patrolmen Rick Girard stated that in his 28 years of service he's seen over five hundred brutal accidents but he's “never seen a man so blessed to survive something like this.”


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