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Photo credit: Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police

Nationwide Manhunt For Pedophile Who Left 3 Month Old Baby To Die In Fire

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department are searching for a negligent father who law enforcement claim left his three-month-old baby inside of a burning home which could have resulted in the baby's death.

The fire broke out at Sharon Pines Apartments in East Charlotte, North Carolina.

The fire department claims the inferno was directly as a result of unattended food left cooking on the stove.

It took a total of 27 firefighters from Charlotte Fire Department to control the fire in battle that lasted around 12 minutes.

Police say the suspect, 21-year-old Rodney Williston, left the home with his baby unattended to die because he had an outstanding warrant and feared justice. The warrant was for a prior charge of contributing delinquency of a juvenile.

Williston also a long rap sheet as a child predator and has been arrested for numerous sexual offenses in the past including sexual relations with a child and domestic violence against former girlfriends.

Neighbors who witnessed the terrifying fire at the scene are absolutely outraged Williston left the innocent baby in danger.

“Poor parenting, I don’t think people like that honestly deserve to have a child in their life,” said one neighbor. “If you would put your own child in danger, who else would you put in danger.”

Police are vigorously hunting the area and notifying nearby law enforcement to arrest Williston on site.

The three month old infant child remains in the intensive care unit with severe burns across it's body and possible life threatening internal injuries.

Williston is now facing child abuse charges and possibly attempted murder charges if not manslaughter including the previous charges which he had a warrant for.

Charlotte Mecklenburg Police are urging anyone with information on this disgusting perverted would be child killer to contact them at (704) 336-7600 and warn that Williston has a criminal record and could be armed and dangerous.


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Eric pike No. 5306 2017-07-18 : 04:05

This guy should be locked up for life. No parole, he is of no value to the human race. When the police find him he should accidentally fall down a set of stairs or something. And maybe he will be sorry he was born.

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