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United Airlines Sends Schoolboy Q's Dog to Wrong City

United Airlines has earned a reputation for poor customer service. The number of cases that have been reported in the last two months is overwhelming. Rapper ScHoolboy Q happens to be the victim in this week’s incident.

Schoolboy Q’s dog was sent to the wrong city by United Airlines. The famous rapper once said that the "Only thing I got is my girl and my dogs."

United Airlines decided to put Schoolboy Q’s statement to the test by accidentally flying the rapper’s dog to the wrong city during a layover. The dog was identified as Yeeerndamean.

The rapper expressed his disappointment and anger toward the airline on Twitter.

"You guys r idiots @united HOW U PUT MY DOG ON THE WRONG FLIGHT???? I need answers," he wrote.

ScHoolboy Q, whose real name is Quincy Matthew Hanley, said he was traveling with his dog from Missouri to Burbank, California. But during a layover in Denver, the airline mistakenly switched his dog with another.

The rapper arrived in Burbank to find someone else's pet. His dog had actually flown to Chicago.

"My little dog been moving around since the A.M., prolly has pee and number 2 all in his cage smh," the rapper said in a text message to CNN.

The rapper added that he plans on suing United Airlines for the unruly treatment that his dog was subjected to after being flown to Chicago.

In response, United Airlines says the dog is being well cared for. The airline’s statement revealed that they’re working as quickly as possible to reunite the pet with their owner later this evening. They also revealed that they have reached out to the customer and sincerely apologize for this mistake and are providing a refund.

The airline emphasized that pets are part of their customers' family, and their safety and wellbeing is of the upmost importance to them.


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Anonymous No. 5239 2017-07-16 : 17:17

The ground crew may not be UA's, many airports have their own ground crews or at least a list of reccomended companies. The problem is that the airline companies are often forced to take the blame for the mistakes of others.

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