By: Savannah Smith | 07-16-2017 | News
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First Married Muslim Gay Couple Gets Acid Attack Threats From Fellow Muslims

One part of the pair who became Britain’s first Muslim gay couple to wed has spoken about his anguish of receiving various threats, including the dreaded and unimaginably violent acid attack.

Jahed Choundhury, 24, claimed he is a victim of online abuse and street threats since he married Sean Rogan last week. He said: “The worst ( messages) say ‘the next time I see you in the streets, I’m going to throw acid in your face’.”

Choundhury also said that he also receives abuse while walking down the streets. People have been spitting on him and calling him the pig.

The pair has received condemnation from their fellow Muslims for entering into same-sex marriage. One commenter reacting on the pair’s video that appeared on a gay site said “You can’t be a gay Muslim if you are then you are not a Muslim. Islam forbids this, I’m not saying they should split up and be straight, which is the right thing to do, what I’m saying is they can’t be Muslim if they are gay. “ Another one who posted a comment said: “ It’s like eating meat and calling myself a vegetarian. You are not Muslims.”

Choundury said he and his partner are still thinking whether they should report the threats to the authorities or simply ignore them. He also claims that, on one hand, they have been receiving “amazing support” from his online followers, saying he “inspired” them to “come out.”

He is aware though of the conflicts with his faith. He said:”I’ve been brought up Muslim and the Koran mentions you can not be gay and Muslim. But this is how I have chosen to live my life. I will never get rid of my faith.”

He said he had attempted suicide in the past but his family chose to be supportive when he came out.

The past recent months have seen a rise in acid attacks in the UK raising alarm and concern among the public and the authorities. The majority of the cases happened in London. Two teenagers have just been arrested over an acid attack on Thursday.


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