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Three Blacks Brutally Beat Another Black Man in an Elevator

The Hudson City Police say they are looking for four total suspects after several gunshots rang our near an apartment complex followed a brutal fight caught on tape inside an elevator.

The Hudson Police released CCTV surveillance video of an assault inside the elevators at the Bliss Towers apartment highrise in Hudson City. The time code on the video shows the assault took place just before 9 PM.

In the video, you can see three black men are waiting in the elevator, when a fourth man, also black, comes on board the elevator. The men appear to be having a heated argument with the fourth man before they start punching and kicking him.

On at least two separate occasions other civilians attempt to come on the elevator and witness the attack, but neither does anything to intervene for fear of their own safety.

The newly released video from police doesn’t show how the attack ended, but police did say that there was a large quantity of blood in the elevator and hallway floors. Shortly after the violent beating occurred inside of the elevators, police say they received a 911 call for shots fired just outside Bliss Towers.

Police believe the two incidents are related because they happened so close to the allotted time frames. The Hudson City Police say they found multiple shell casings outside Bliss Towers, but whoever was shooting either missed their targets, very typical in these sort of crimes, or the person who was shot never reported it.

Residents of the Towers refused to speak to on camera, saying they were afraid of gang retaliation for speaking about any possible crimes. They did, however, say that they heard the shots, and know the people who attacked the other man, but that their own lives are more valuable than ‘snitching’.

Such behavior is common in the areas known as ‘projects’, where the socioeconomic poor and lower intelligence, as well as oftentimes disabled Americans, dwell. Police say the three men are well known by their street names, and possibly have been in prison before, due to the tattoos that were on their bodies.

In typical fashion, the locals then began to blame the police for not yet catching the suspects saying those gunshots could have hit kids or the elderly who live in Bliss Towers, meanwhile they refused to tell police who the suspects are.

Hudson Police are asking anyone who has any information about the assault or shots fired to give them a call. They can be reached at 518-828-3388.


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