By: Savannah Smith | 07-16-2017 | News
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Footage Show Sydney Skydivers Smiling Seconds Before Taking Fatal Plunge

A Sydney skydiving instructor and his student have been captured even smiling in a plane just moments before they leaped to their shocking deaths in Australia.

The chilling moments of the pair plunging to their deaths in a skydiving tragic accident were caught on the GoPro camera taken by fellow skydiver Dustin Leonard and shared to Australian local media. Leonard described the incident as a “fluke accident.”

Leonard jumped mere seconds before the pair who crash-landed 85km southwest of Sydney. The skydivers involved in the fatal crash are a Sydney skydiving instructor in his 60s and a male Singaporean student in his 20s. They were later found dead in the driveway of a home on Wilton Road, Wilton yesterday.

A spokesperson for Sydney Skydivers confirmed the fatality to Daily Mail Australia and also said the accident indeed took place during a skydiving lesson involving an instructor and his Singaporean student. The spokesperson has yet to clarify the cause of the pair’s deaths as she said: “ The cause is not yet known. More information will become available when police and the Australian Parachute Federation complete their preliminary investigation.”

Curiously, the group admits that the particular skydive the pair undertook was not even as challenging for a highly experienced instructor, who had nearly 10,000 skydives. The jump involved was from a normal height.

The skydiver-instructor guiding the student had 20 years of skydiving experience according to Sydney Skydivers owner Phil Onis. Onis insisted that:” He was an experienced skydiver… This has never happened before.”

The pair had been skydiving with Onis’ company, which has a landing place on Picton Road. It is less than a kilometer away from where the tandem crash-landed. The co-owner of the property where the pair crashed told the local media that his seven-year-old daughter even saw the men’s bodies after impact. He said it was a shocking thing for the girl to see.

Local authorities have established a crime scene and an investigation is ongoing. In spite of initial declaration by the company involved in the skydiving operations, other angles to the cause of the deaths other than accident can not be ruled out yet. The accountability for the deaths is also yet to be established.

In 2012, a 27-year-old skydiver died in hospital after a heavy collision with the ground while he tried to perform a maneuver in the air.


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