By: Lawrence Snyder | 11-18-2016 | News
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French prime minister: Europe on the brink of collapse

During his visit to Berlin, Germany on Thursday for the Sueddeutsche Zeitung Economic Summit, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls warned about the current looming threats that could eventually cause the collapse of the European Union. According to the prime minister, the only way this will be prevented is for France and Germany to step up its efforts in boosting the development of the EU.

In his speech, Valls focused on the current immigration crisis and its effects on the economy of the European Union. He warned that that an unstable economic environment, the influx of refugees and the constant threat of terrorism could cause division among the member states, which is exactly what happened with the Brexit referendum, Independent reported.

To avoid the collapse of the EU, Valls called on France and Germany to take on a stronger leadership role for the benefit of the entire union. The prime minister noted that France should look to implementing additional reforms that are geared toward opening up its economy, such as lowering the country’s corporate tax rate.

Germany, on the other hand, should work together with the other member states of the EU to boost investments that would eventually lead to economic growth and job creation. In addition, as a whole, the EU should also strive to improve its defenses.

Valls also suggested that the EU should impose stricter measures on its relationship with Britain. Following the success if Brexit, the former member state held negotiations with the EU in order to maintain its access to the single market. But, aside from this, Britain also wants to cut its ties with immigrants from the EU.

According to Valls, if the EU agrees to these conditions, it could be seen by other member states as an incentive to leave the union.

“If they are able to have all the advantages of Europe without the inconveniences, then we are opening a window for others to leave the European Union,” he said.

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