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American Journalist Among Several Kidnapped By Rebels In Congo

Authorities say that a total six Congolese rangers were found today in a large forest reserve in Congo’s northeast.

They were found just a day after their security station was attacked by a savage militia. However an American journalist and at least three other security guards, origins unknown, still remain remain missing according local officials.

The Mambasa Territory Administrator, Alfred Bongwalanga Efoloko, confirmed to the United States that the six Congolese men had been found, but they said the pack that included an American Journalist and three other private security details for his crew remained ‘lost’.

A total of 10 people were initially missing after the attack Friday by the Mai Mai militia outside the town of Mambasa, in Congo’s Okapi Wildlife Reserve, he said.

There are currently no details about the missing Journalist or what media outlet he or she represents, nor do we know if they're still alive. It is often however popular for such militias to hold Americans hostage for ransom, threatening to behead them if it isn't paid.

As per the security details no information was immediately available and authorities had no proof that attack was an abduction, according to the Congolese who typically try and sweep these atrocities under the rug.

What remains clear is that regardless if these African savages deny it or not, at least one American is missing, and possibly three more.

Army reinforcements have been deployed since Friday night to search for those missing group, however most of the militias are made up of the same drug trafficking savages in the army, so one can only hope that the American Journalist is found.


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