By: Savannah Smith | 07-15-2017 | News
Photo credit: The American Mirror

#Bizarre Nancy Pelosi Caught Giggling About the North Korea Problem

The North Korea problem is a serious matter, a grave concern for the U.S. that President Donald Trump has always said is a priority issue. The rogue state’s nuclear ambitions and aggression is a threat not just for the U.S. and North Korea’s neighbors Japan and South Korea, two of America’s closest allies, as it also pose potential danger to as far as other U.S. allies including those in Southeast Asia like Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines, among others. It is definitely not a laughing matter.

Yet for House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi the serious issue of the North Korea problem deserves some laughs. How bizarre and insensitive.But that’s exactly how she reacted when a reporter asked her about North Korean aggression: she giggled.

The reporter said during Pelosi’s weekly press conference: “Kim Jung Un has been celebrating their ICBM launch with some cultural events…”, but then Pelosi laughed strangely in the midst of a serious question about a serious matter. It took some heartbeats before Pelosi regained her composure as the reporter went on, before the lawmaker sighed loudly into the microphone.

As the reporter concluded his questions about whether the Democrat lawmaker thinks the administration will be able to defend the West Coast from an attack, she justified her behavior by saying she’s “one of the few members of Congress to have visited Pyongyang.” It is not even clear if she condemned at all North Korea’s aggression.

This is not the first time Pelosi has been caught on cam behaving strangely. The Goldwater reported towards the end of June how Pelosi froze several times during a live interview as if her batteries ran out.

( Read:

And in May, The Goldwater also reported how Pelosi showed her bizarre behavior, if not signs of serious sickness, during a visit to North India where she appeared so incoherent, repeating words too often, stuttering a number of times, making incomprehensible jokes, and even mispronouncing China as “Tina.”’


Maybe it’s high time Nancy Pelosi do herself a favor and have her self checked for her own good.


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Anonymous No. 5182 2017-07-15 : 13:35

Sorry, but I laugh when people talk about N.K. aggression, have you actually seen Too Mani Piy(joke), he's an embarrasment, he's relying on China too keep on protecting him. He, like his dad have always beenreliant that way, virtually no one takes them serriously, China knows that if chubby 'ever' tried for S.K it would been seen as a war move by them. As soon as China tire of using N.K. as a buffer zone,they'll either let the U.S. squash thatlittle spot, or they'll simply walk in and annexe N.K, or possibly let north and south merge using it as trade leverage. As for fat boy/ he'll most likely 'run away'(pig farm :))

Interesting to note though how quick you are to slag her off and yet protect Trump of 'everything'. She may well be 'ill', whatever, yet Grope has been 'repeatedly accused' of various forms of illegal sexual misconducts for which he has never been cleared(stopping a legal action due to fear is 'not' evidence of innocence), maybe it needs to be one of yours before you'll do anything, then again maybe you would approve, and watch. The sex angle is only o9ne of many different things you ignore, but then your not much for actually being a real reporter. Paid shill, mmm

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