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Video Shows Emirates Flight Attendant Pouring Champagne Back in the Bottle

A video exposing Emirates poor practice has surfaced online, it shows an Emirates flight attendant pouring a glass of champagne back into a bottle. The video has stirred outrage after it was unveiled.

A Russian passenger identified as Yevgeny Kaymov recorded the footage unwillingly while he was seated on a business class to Dubai.

Kaymov exposed the airline by posting the video to his Instagram account, tagging the airline in his caption. He also revealed that he accidentally filmed the video, and he didn't even notice the incident at the time when the attendant pours an unfinished champagne back into the bottle, simply salvaging passengers champagne.

Emirates needs to clarify whether that’s a normal practice that most people might not be aware of. The footage appears to show a tray of untouched glasses of champagne. The carrier offers the sparkling wine to first and business class passengers after they board the aircraft.

The controversial video has sparked a firestorm on social media, people appear to be divided on the subject and not everyone thinks the flight attendant is in the wrong.

In the meantime, some Redditor had a different perspective on the video. One contributor shed some insights into the issue by insinuating that the attendant was probably pouring the unused champagne back in the bottle before take-off, which would then be disposed of once the plane is airborne.

The alleged flight attendant claimed that they’re not allowed to pour things out while they're on the ground. The commenter expressed confidence that the attendant was pouring it all back in the bottle so they can then pour it out at cruising instead of dumping it all in the trash can making it all mushy.

The other theory which appealed to Redditors pointed out that the stewardess may not have been reusing it or saving it for herself as the beverage would soon lose its fizz. One said: “It's champagne. It's carbonated. You literally cannot reuse it, it will be flat.”

Flight attendants will always find ways to conserve items such as drinks so as to avoid making excuses as to why they’ve run out. Employees in the service industry will always bear the brunt of many angry customer reactions. Having that in mind, its sounds reasonable to save a few glasses of bubbly champagne. However, not to the extent of recycling sipped champagne.

In response, some people disagreed with the Redditor, saying that there was no reason he could think of which would prevent her from pouring the liquid away normally. It became almost apparent that the attendant was most likely conserving the drink. The commenter said that attendants can't pour hot liquids out when they are parked at the gate, but they get rid of them by putting it in the toilet and flushing.

It’s without a doubt that Emirates has the best ability to cater adequately, this creates confusion as to why she was pouring it back in the bottle, but if it was a popular drink, then some people would have done the same thing rather than waste.

The airlines has revealed that an investigation is underway, adding that it always strives to provide the top quality service and that actions recorded on the video do not comply with its quality standards.


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Anonymous No. 5192 2017-07-15 : 20:14

“It's champagne. It's carbonated. You literally cannot reuse it, it will be flat.”

Sorry, but I know for a fact that a certain famous hotel chain at least used to rebottle/cork sparkling/fizzy products and simply used the reusable siphons(the gas pellet ones) to, as they called it 're-energise' the item involved, they would usually mark them and then use them on tables, etc who were getting repeat orders. They would often be about the 3rd or 4th drinks order, the alternative would be hoisting it off an obvious rubes who were buying it for the 1st time as a special occasion(they figured they wouldn't know any better)

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