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Trump Administration To Hawaii : See You In The Supreme Court

After the vicious cultural marxist judges of Hawaii made the decision to go against the Supreme Court of the United States of America, in a shocking act, President Trump and his administration has made it clear today, they will fight this state's judges in the SCOTUS halls.

The Hawaii federal judge’s decision tried to potentially expand the number of people exempt from the Trump Administration’s travel ban, by saying that ‘Grandparents should be exempt’, on travelers from the nations countries and all refugees.

United States District Court Judge Derrick Watson ruled Thursday that the federal government had failed to follow Supreme Court orders last month that established conditions that enacted Trump’s of the ban, in an audacious claim from a Hawaiian Judge who felt he could somehow override the Supreme Court.

President Trump and his administration will not back down. They will fight these crimes against the people of America by radical judges and it will now go to the Supreme Court.


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Anonymous No. 5169 2017-07-15 : 03:24

Yeah! Ban those evil 80 year olds, and FFS don't take your eyes off the toddlers.

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