By: Earnest Jones | 11-18-2016 | News
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Violent Democrats Continue to Cry Victim While Brutalizing Trump Supporters

The United States of America chose the president-elect Donald Trump to be the 45th president; this was completely contrary with what the Democratic supporters had in mind. As a result, the Democratic supporters have resulted in riots and chaos to vent their frustrations; they appear to be targeting anyone who intends to support the president-elect’s intentions to make America great. The violent democrats have resulted in mob-violence as their protests gets more fuel from the mainstream media’s propaganda and fake news. The attacks have continued for an overwhelming duration; contrary to what many expected. This begs the question on what president Obama, Clinton, and Bernie Sanders are up-to despite them having the power to discontinue the protests.

There has been various cases of Trump supporters being attacked by violent democrats; such include a train attack that took place on Tuesday when a Trump supporter was attacked on a subway in New York by men who were reportedly wearing White MAGA hats. The Trump supporter who is known as Corey Cataldo aged 24 years was assaulted viciously due to his political views and no one on the train helped him out.

Corey Cataldo made a statement to the ABC affiliate where he told the reporter that the democratic supporters had asked him whether he was a Trump supporter; he responded saying that he is a Trump supporter thinking that the man was also a Trump supporter but surprisingly, he wasn’t. It has been reported that people have been doing that.

Corey reported that after saying he was a Trump supporter, the man choked him as he tried to fight off; the second man came pretending that he was going to help him but unfortunately, they both join hands and shove Corey against the wall and up against the window as they continued attacking him.

The police authorities are yet to trace the democratic attackers in the meantime, Corey Cataldo who is an electrician has reported suffering from shoulder pains since the democratic supporters attacked him.

Thomas Arrington a black student at Queensborough was viciously attacked on Thursday for supporting the president-elect; he was assaulted despite being honored for his volunteer work a week ago. The democratic attackers threatened to lit him on fire for wearing the Make America Great Again hat; mind you, the attack took place on campus.

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