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Why Is Google's Parent Company Sending Disease Transmitting Mosquitoes Into California?

Why do so many giant tech companies and their billionaire financiers get involved in nature and genetic modification as well as ‘disease prevention’ sciences?

Bill Gates of Microsoft has an elusive history of doing the same, endorsing the use of a powerful and controversial new gene-editing tool to create malaria-resistant mosquitoes.

"Gene drives, I do think, over the next three to five years will be developed in a form that will be extremely beneficial," he said in the interview, ahead of speaking at the American Society for Microbiology conference in Boston. "Of course, that makes it a key tool to reduce malaria deaths."

That hasn't stopped conspiracy enthusiasts from running rampant with theories as to why those akin to Gates have stepped into this world, with most of them suggesting that these men and women have nefarious goals.

Many people believe this is part of a “depopulation agenda”, and in Bill Gates own words he's suggested that's necessarily not a bad thing.

Gates made his remarks to the invitation-only Long Beach, California TED 2010 Conference, in a speech titled, “Innovating to Zero!”.

Along with the scientifically absurd proposition of reducing man-made CO2 emissions worldwide to zero by 2050, approximately four and a half minutes into the talk, Gates declares, "First we got population. The world today has 6.8 billion people. That's headed up to about 9 billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.”

Some would go as far as suggesting these men are part of a global “New World Order”, also known as the “illuminati”. Why would Bill Gates and others like him want to depopulate the planet, to begin with?

While Bill Gates has been a power player amongst the Davos and Bilderberg meetings for decades, which is a sharp contrast from how he's made his money in tech, to begin with, Microsoft is losing power.

Newer companies like Google, who's now controlled by parent mega-corporation Alphabet Inc, have taken over the leadership role in genetic modifications.

In fact, a subsidiary of Alphabet plans to release up to 20 million bacteria-filled, ‘infected’ mosquitoes this summer in Fresno, California. Ask yourself why would a tech company or anyone intend to release 30 million mosquitoes at all?

Publicly the subsidiary of Alphabet Inc.’s own genetic modification branch, known as Verily Life Sciences unit, claims the release is somehow for the greater good.

These abnormalities of science have the male mosquitoes infected with a bacteria that is allegedly harmless to humans. Verily Life claims that it creates non-hatching dead eggs when their frankenstein creations mate with wild females.

They claim that this will hopefully reduce the mosquito population and the transmission of the diseases they carry. Why would Google's own parent company want to be involved with such a God-like tinkering with Earth's habitat for life to begin with though?

The swarm’s target is known as Aedes aegypti, a rare mosquito breed that carries viruses like Zika, Dengue, and Chikungunya. They’re an invasive species along California’s Central Valley with their first appearance amazingly arriving in Fresno in 2013.

One would ask themselves how did this invasive species magically arrive in California to begin with, when clearly California had existed for thousands of years without any trace of the bugs?

Verily became a standalone Alphabet division in 2015, assuming multiple health technology projects, supposedly partnering with the drug industry raising billions with a single $800 million offer from Singapore investment firm Temasek Holdings Ltd.

The new mosquito campaign is called Debug, and it likely won’t generate any revenue in the near-term. That means these investments are not going to give any returns, so why would they be interested in blowing this kind of coin at all for no profits?

Verily claims the best intentions regardless of the theories, saying that, "If we can show that this technique can work, I’m confident we can make it a sustainable business because the burden of these mosquitoes is enormous," said Verily Engineering Chief Linus Upson.

An interesting fact about Linus Upson, is he's the leader of the team that helped create Google’s Chrome web browser.

Yes, a techie nerd who created the world's most widely used web browser is now leading Debug, a company which is set to inject mosquitoes that are genetically modified into the wild. Why would he take such a position?

Conspiracy enthusiasts do in fact have logic to their theories on Illuminati depopulation agenda, regardless of how farfetched it may sound.

In fact, there are about 6 Billion individuals on earth that are welfare draining parasites to society, that take far more than they contribute. Could the endgame be to remove the ‘useless eaters’ through mass depopulation?

Conspiracy enthusiasts claim that there is an international campaign to eliminate the "useless eaters" (according to the Club of Rome) on behalf of the planet's privileged ruling elite, is sure to take a more voracious toll as global population levels continue to rise.

The same theories go on to state that the ‘illuminati’ plan to implement their "final solution" to depopulate billions of people from the Earth, the world's elite will undoubtedly harness the newly emerging biotech and nanotechnology industries to create a super 'bioweapon' virus creating a global 'kill-off' pandemic through which only they will have the cure.

Could that be what Google's parent company Alphabet Inc, through its subsidiaries who now dominate bioengineering and nanotechnology as well as genetic modification of wild species, be trying to do?

In fact the very Zika virus these groups allege to try and combat, is listed as being a patent of one of the wealthiest families on earth, the Rockefeller family.

If you visit the ATCC official website here,, you can in fact click “History” of the Zika Virus and see the name of the original depositor is listed as a “J. Casals, Rockefeller Foundation”. It also lists the source of the virus as “Blood from experimental forest sentinel rhesus monkey, Uganda, 1947”.

This is one of the key reasons the conspiracy enthusiasts entertain theories that some consider being wild because those people are ill informed as to the facts and history surrounding their theories.

Could these branches of Google, in fact, be behind some of the plagues that are spreading across regions and the re-emergence of antibiotic resistant strains of once thought to be destroyed diseases?

Julian Assange cautioned the entire world once, in a slow dripping vein of revelations, that Google, the insidious search engine with a reputation for powering humanity’s research, plays a secretive and dark hand role in furthering U.S. imperialism and foreign policy agendas.

I'll leave you with Julian Assange’s own words, “Google is not what it seems”.


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tesla_x twitter @tesla_x No. 5241 2017-07-16 : 18:41

Some of my reading amd research the last time an environmentalist infested, farm family hating EPA 'approved' a bioweapon to be used in the 'Fresno test market'

Same applies here, except its not democrat jim costa releasing them, but mechanized google vehicles releasing greater numbers of these weaponized mosquitos.

Very unusual that EPA and not FDA is 'approving' this, since one bite from a wolbachia infected mosquito is the same as a FORCED VACCINATION with an UNTESTED VACCINE.


The rise of tropical diseases in the UNITED STATES and the EXPERIMENTAL use of biologically/genetically modified mosquitoes in FRESNO, CA.

Zika? We still have no conclusive evidence that GM mosquitos DIDN'T cause baby deformities.

Blood borne Bacterial infections transmitted by mosquito bites are PROVEN. tetanus TOXIN in pregnant women do cause microencephaly.


Wolbachia in the inflammatory pathogenesis of human filariasis.

How it could spread to humans

How It already HAS.

Filariasis: Up to 70% of infected individuals remain asymptomatic.

Intentionally releasing wolbachia infected mosquitos is not wise.

Why not use chemicals like DDT instead?


Fresno residents are guinea pigs? You bet.

"The EPA's decision is expected after the public comment period ends on May 31. If it approves the application, the United States would be the first country to approve commercial use of Wolbachia against mosquitoes."


Why is MosquitoMate dealing with EPA and not FDA? An easy unethical YES, and the EPA is co-opted by the tech industry and ECO-RADICALS, same players that game water regulations and the smelt scam, and are using eco-regs to destroy farms and dairies.

"The company plans to market Wolbachia as a pesticide — one that kills only mosquitoes, and leaves other insects untouched. The EPA’s decision on the matter will come after a public-comment period that ends on May 31."

BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS are not the proper place for EPA oversight.

Who is mosquitomate?

vectors of disease

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