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Breaking News: Watch As Massive Florida Sinkhole Swallows Homes

In the Land O’ Lakes region of Florida, an ever growing sinkhole appeared out of nowhere and swallowed two homes and a boat in a residential neighborhood.

Neighbors claim they've never seen anything like it and now are in fear themselves that their own houses will be devoured by the amazing natural event.

The Pasco County Sheriff’s Office said that the expanding sinkhole in Land O’ Lakes was currently about the size of a pool as of Friday morning.

There are currently no reported injuries although it remains unclear if the homeowners were present when the sinkhole occurred, said investigators.

The remaining homes in the surrounding area are now being evacuated by the Sheriff's Department as a precautionary tactic to ensure no lives are lost.

Officials have confirmed the sinkhole is approximately 200 feet wide and approximately 50 feet deep. There is a 200 foot perimeter around the hole. The perimeter may be expanded if the sinkhole continues to progress.

Officials say there is concern that the sinkhole could merge into a nearby lake. Officials are monitoring the progression of the sinkhole and keeping residents out of the area.


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Anonymous No. 5159 2017-07-15 : 00:35

You want to hear something ironic, the new rush on fracking you're all applauding Trump for, it's been linked to increased incidences of sinkholes not just near the fracking but along fault and stress lines. I've no doubt there will be many crying bullshit, but it's proven, some states are suing over it, Bayou Corne, Louisiana, for example

35 acres oil polluted flooded sinkhole

Do you think Trump will pay for a new home if it happens to you, or, god forbid, how much is, say your childs life worth if drowned or crushed in a rapid sinkhole, would a tank of gas cover it?

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