By: Earnest Jones | 07-14-2017 | News
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German Man Indicted for Seeking Child Sex in Brevard, Florida

A German father posted an ad on a “dark” website, in which he asked if others were interested in sex with his young daughter.

The ad received an instant message from a user who claimed that he wanted to perform sadomasochistic acts on the girl. It turns out that the message had been posted by an undercover Brevard County Sheriff’s agent. The user expressed interest in anything related to SM, humiliation and degradation.

The undercover agent managed to pick up a 55-year-old Meinrad Kopp on June 16 at Orlando International Airport and drove him to Brevard, leading to his arrest at a pre-arranged traffic stop.

The suspect’s luggage included clamps, rope, tape, weights, a bottle, brush, a flashlight and a camera that “driver1de,” later identified as Kopp, said he wanted to use with the girl.

Kopp was charged by a federal grand jury in Orlando with entering the country with the intention of committing sex crimes against a 13-year-old girl. Kopp is being held at the Orange County jail from which he’ll face life in prison.

He’s however being represented by Winter Park-based lawyers, who were not available for comment on Thursday. A complaint that was filed by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Middle District of Florida provided insights into the dealings of Kopp.

It reveals that Kopp had previously met underage girls and stored child pornography on his computer at home, it also indicates that Kopp said he visited Florida to meet a 13-year-old girl.

The complaint reveals that, the sheriff’s agent, who was part of a Homeland Security Investigations task force, began internet discussions with Kopp in April.

Kopp continued expressing a desire to perform various sexual and violent acts on the girl, said he planned to visit New Jersey in mid-June and confirmed that he had bought a plane ticket to Florida.

“Not many 50+ are lucky to meet 13-year-old girls,” he wrote in one message, according to the federal complaint. “I feel privileged and even more so by doing so many great and nasty things to her.”

Within a week of his visit, Kopp warned in another message that the adults would need to be careful to make sure neighbors couldn’t hear the girl's screams.

The undercover agent, still pretending to be the father of a girl that did not really exist, suggested they could turn up the TV volume.

Filled with enthusiasm, Kopp flew to Orlando on a United Airlines flight at 5:30 p.m. on June 16 and met the agent for the ride to Brevard County, when the agent recorded conversations in which Kopp again discussed his intentions. Kopp will be arraigned on July 19 at the U.S. District Court in Orlando.


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