By Major Burdock   |  07-14-2017   News

It appears that this sting on Don Junior was just a small part of the operation.

Two months before Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting, a key House subcommittee chairman received a similar offer in Moscow offering dirt on a U.S. policy that was contrary to Russia.

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AntiquityCentury21 No. 5140 1500039552

When it's all said and done, history will remember that it was the Democrats who unleashed this massive investigative machinery on Washington. I actually applaud them for it. They are either incredibly ignorant, incredibly desperate, incredibly stupid, or all of the above.

Anonymous No. 5160 1500079544

AntiquityCentury21 7/14/2017 14:39:12 No. 5140

I agree with most of how you put that, except that I see it as simply getting the truth out, whatever the truth is and utterly regardless of who is or is not guilty. I personally have a cute little belief, or conspiracy theory about all of this, but i'm waiting and seeing, whatever the truth, i wont be some fake i told you so dick, i'd rather leave that for others. I argue on here a lot to get others thinking(usually fail, but nevermind), anyway, here's to whatever the future brings

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