By: Earnest Jones | 11-18-2016 | News
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Mainstream Media Publish ‘Fake News’ To Control Public Perception And Discredit Alt-Media

The corporate mainstream media is making a lot of effort to make sure that it discredits anyone who strives to bring up the truth or even express opposition in anyway. The corporate media is making sure that it makes attempts to discredit the alternative media by categorizing independent publishers under the fake news category; the mainstream media has employed various tactics to make this happen.

This doesn’t intend to imply that there are no fake news sites out there that are using their influence negatively to manipulate people in abide to achieve certain goals. There’s a considerable huge number of new sites that encourage ignorance from the public, racism, misinformation among other ideologies that are not suitable for the masses but only work for their own selfish interest. However, it’s alarming to see the mainstream media trying to filter news sites and categorize them into various categories. This brings up the critical question on how objective it is for the mainstream media to conduct such activities; many can agree with the fact that the mainstream media has in many cases fallen short and delivered the wrong information, therefore it’s not the duty of the corporate media to scrutinize news sites and decide which one is ideal.

The media sites such as FOX News, CNN, and MSNBC are always selling propaganda such as misinformation, ignorance, racism and other undisclosed ideologies that are not meant to serve the readers. However, such sites appear to be joining hands against the alt-media as they strive discredit their worthwhile efforts to circulate the truth.

In the last few days, several mainstream media sites have ganged up against the alt-media as they try to sensitize the masses on what they claim to be fake news sites. This sites reported on what they claim to be a list of fake news sites; they said that their intention was to help people fight fake news. Such mainstream sources included LA Times, Independent, NYMag, and Business Insider all which appeared to have fabricated headlines highlighting how they intended to help the masses avoid fake news.

It's interesting how all this mainstream media sources failed to give concrete examples that point to any examples on how the alleged alt-media sites had published fake news. Their claims were not backed by any research or evidence; actually all the mainstream media sources did was to spread the same fake news that they accuse alt-media of, by spreading misinformation without research; this raises an alarm to any critical thinker as it evidently shows that the mainstream media is actually responsible for spreading fake news which it accuses the alt-media of doing.

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