By: Savannah Smith | 07-14-2017 | News
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Public Fury Against #FNN Goes On: CNN App Gets Poor One-Star Ratings

CNN’s woes are far from over, and it continues to reap the bad faith it sowed with what President Trump called “fake news”, with him even referring to it as #FNN or Fraud News Network. CNN’s mobile app has been getting waves of one-star reviews written by users strongly accusing the network of spreading fake news, propaganda, and falsehoods.

Due to the numerous bad reviews coming from everywhere, CNN app’s rating in both Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store just comes around to one pathetic star, which could harm its chances of being downloaded in the future.

Both Apple or Google has not “figured out” a solution for the CNN app reviews debacle. Google is working with the CNN’s developer team to identify spammy reviews, but accusing an app of disseminating fake news is legit and does not violate Google Play’s terms of service.

This is nothing new, however, to the embattled, if not fully discredited CNN. It was also one of the several publishers hit by a deluge of poor one-star reviews and accusations of liberal bias in the weeks following the fiercely-fought 2016 U.S. presidential election.

Unlike the others from that batch which included Quartz, USA Today and Mic, CNN has remained the central object of disdain and disapproval by many Americans especially Trump supporters, with massive allegations against CNN of a strong bias against Trump in their coverage, and for reporting “fake news.”

Adding to the anger of many users is the recent stunt pulled off by CNN blackmailing the supposedly anonymous user who created the Trump body slamming CNN video.

In several user-focused sites, including 8chan, there have been numerous campaigns suggested and started depicting many creative ways to get back at CNN for being #FNN and for blackmailing the video creator of the Trump slamming CNN online phenomenon, including sending poor reviews for CNN’s app. Last week, 8chan users even came out with the idea of “fax attack” to hit the offices of CNN by sending Pepe the Frog icons to their fax numbers.

CNN released a new update on July 10 for its app, fixing a few bugs. The new version paved the way to also resetting its rating count inside the App store. But as soon as the reset was noticed by eagle-eyed users, calls for renewed attacks came just as quick and even spread out further. Conservative journalists including Mike Cernovich retweeted calls to give CNN’s app a one-star rating.

The app continues to feel the public’s anger with CNN. Since its new version launch on Monday, over 95% of the reviews it has received have been one-star.

One reviewer even referred to CNN as “COUNTERFEIT NEWS NETWORK”, another said “propaganda app.”

CNN must be realizing now the wisdom behind the biblical saying “you reap what you sow.”


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Anonymous No. 5126 2017-07-14 : 04:53

Do you know what's funny? All the little cocksuckers who tantrumed at fox are now howling at CNN like deranged chimps, yet evidence is building about the so called FAKE russia involvement, so much so that even Chump and his genetic no 2 have had to admit it to varying degrees. So here's my question to all you little baboon butts, seriously, stop flinging your poo. goog. Now, what are you going to do if it turns out a good percentage of CNNs stuff is true and there was collusion, there was meddling by russia to elect or seem to elect Trump.

My bet is you'll either keep screaming fake or hide and pretend it wasn't you, or the good old conspiricy about the commie left while totally ignoring the irony of trying to keep in power a russian patsy(and that's at the very least of what he'd be). It's funny really whether setup by or with knowledge of Russia Trump 'IS' their toy and you lot are their nice little worker bees.

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