By: Savannah Smith | 07-14-2017 | News
Photo credit: Sarah Cabbold

Breaking News: Police Searching For 2 Suspects In 4 London Acid Terror Attacks

Metropolitan Police are searching for two separate suspects who have been involved in a total of four ‘acid attacks’ in London.

Police state the two suspects drove by pedestrians on mopeds and tossed acid into their faces.

All four attacks were carried out in just over an hour between 10:25 PM and 11:40 PM last night.

The first attack happened on the Hackney Road junction with Queensbridge Road in London, when two men on a moped drove up alongside the victim, also on a moped, and threw acid in his face.

One of the attackers stole the victim's moped and the other attacker drove away on the moped they arrived on.

Then at 11 PM, two males driving on a moped threw acid in another person’s face on Shoreditch High Street.

A similar instance also occurred after 11 PM on Cazenove Road, Hackney, where a corrosive substance believed to be acid was again sprayed in another victim’s face.

Then police were later called to another instance at 11:37 PM on Chatsworth Road, where two males on a moped pulled alongside him and sprayed liquid in his face, stealing his moped.

All four victims have been taken to the hospital, with one of the victim’s injuries described as life changing and possibly could be fatal.



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redfoot No. 5127 2017-07-14 : 05:08

"news from around the globe" MY ASS.

THERE IS NO GLOBE, no such thing as a "planet", period. Space is fake, NASA lies, and earth is FLAT. Once you go flat, you can never go back.

I am now proud to offer the /FLATHORIZON board at 8chan for your perusal. Be advised: follow the rules. I will be watching ;-)

Anonymous No. 5148 2017-07-14 : 19:08

And 8chan wonders why it's laughed at

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