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Disgusting! Iraqi Muslim Refugee Murders 3-Year-Old

A female Muslim doctor has been charged with murdering her three year old child, who was autistic, after the toddler was found stabbed to death at their Dublin home.

Yes, a savage act from a savage group of people yet again further vilified the Muslim doctrine of ‘peace’. This disgusting act of knifing a child, any child especially your own, to death, reminds the world how demented Islam actually is.

The 42 year old mother, Maha Al-Adheem, stated to officials after her arrest, “Yes, it was my knife, yes, it was my hand, it wasn’t me, it was the power.” As if she's referencing that Mohammed himself through Islam possessed her to do so. Twisted.

Investigators say the three year old autistic child, Omar, had vicious stab wounds to his abdomen, legs, and chest, over seventy total stabs, and was pronounced dead immediately after being found.

The child's body was removed from the apartment in the morning as forensic examinations took place. It was taken away in an ambulance for a post mortem to be carried out by specialists.

Neighbors initially called emergency responders to the scene after hearing the hysterical mother screaming, and they allege she told them her son had a heart attack. However Police suggest the Iraqi Doctor called them herself beforehand.

Ms Al-Adheem is now being treated in Saint James Hospital, pending a psychiatric evaluation and formal arraignment. The Judge who initially heard the case said there will be no bail granted.

She was first arrested yesterday and was detained at Crumlin Garda Station before being brought before the court this morning, for her first appearance.

During the hearing this morning, Detective Sergeant Brendan O’Halloran of the Sundrive Road Police Station said he arrested the accused at 12:40 AM for the crime of murder, contrary to Common Law.

It's alleged she was silent and made no reply to the accusation after arrest, he said. She was subsequently charged in his presence by another Sergeant.

Her defense attorney, appointed by the court, then applied for free legal aid since she's technically a refugee. Judge Walsh then granted legal aid after hearing the accused's total income was “as stated” and there was no objection.

Ms Al-Adheem was remanded in custody, to appear in court again on July 20. Another important factor to remind the world why Islam is not compatible with western values.


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Anonymous No. 5104 2017-07-13 : 19:08

You really want to play the baby killer card? I don't know if you're stupid, blind or just a mega hypocrite. Even if you blithely ignore all the sick shit done to kids, babies, etc by the the christians down the centuries. Just take a look at the sad fucks in the last few decades, hell, you want disgusting? What about this twisted bitch;

3 month old

maybe you prefer newborns,literally newborn

Remember stones, glass houses?

Anonymous No. 5110 2017-07-13 : 23:38



Anonymous No. 5122 2017-07-14 : 03:06

Anonymous 7/14/2017 0:38:12 No. 5110





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