By: Jasalle Jash | 11-17-2016 | News

Liberal Anti-Trump Professor Harasses Senator Bob Corker in Public

Following the election of Donald Trump as the next leader of the United States, many of Hillary Clinton’s supporters and individuals with liberal tendencies have resorted to protests and public rants to denounce his presidency.

This includes University of the South professor David Haskell, who recently accosted Tennessee Senator Bob Corker on a hiking trail in Chattanooga.

According to representatives of the Republican senator, Corker was hiking in the woods alone along Stringer’s Ridge. Haskell was also on the same path along with a couple of his companions.

Almost immediately after Haskell saw Corker, he confronted him and began ranting about Trump. As noted by Corker’s spokesperson Micah Johnson, Haskell used profanities to express his dislike for the incoming president of the country.

He also blasted the state senator for staying loyal to Trump despite the issues that he was involved in during his campaign.

“Professor Haskell began shouting at Senator Corker in a profanity-laced tirade while pointing a finger in his face and told the senator that he was embarrassed to live in a state where citizens voted to overwhelmingly elect Donald Trump,” Johnson said in a statement according to Fox News.

Haskell, a biology professor, admitted his confrontation with Corker through his blog. However, he maintained that he was calm during the entire ordeal and did not use aggressive language or behavior against the senator.

He also said that Corker reportedly told him that if he’s not happy with Tennessee’s political stance, then he should consider leaving the state.

The actions displayed by Haskell reflect the reactions of many liberal individuals who were distraught by the election of Trump as the country’s 45th president. Rather than respecting his presidency and striving to unite like many of Trump’s former political rivals are currently doing, many of these individuals have turned to protesting and civil unrest.

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