Graphic Video: Man Changing Tire Killed When It Explodes

By Red Pill, The Goldwater · 07-14-2017
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In a dramatic video, this is the shocking moment a mechanic was launched into the air after a truck tire exploded when he was in the process of changing the tire.

The worker can be seen propelled into the air which such an incredible force that it separated some of his limbs during the blast.

Dramatic CCTV footage at the semi truck garage in China shows the tragic last moments of the man’s life as he was inside the wheelwell to start working on the tire before it ended his life.

Viewer discretion is definitely advised before watching this fatal video.


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Holy Cow reminds me of a MUSLIM EXPLODING

Cute, kind of makes you wonder if ISIS have the same about your boyfriend?

Not sure why you would be looking behind a tire to change it when the wheel nuts are in front, but ok.

Relax guys, just his lucky penny rolled up behind the tire and he tried to grab it. What luck, gosh.

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