By: Savannah Smith | 11-17-2016 | News
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Megyn Kelly’s Book Is Being Compared with Hillary- As An Epic Failure

Fox News Anchor Megyn Kelly was said to have timed the launch of her memoir book Settle For More in anticipation of a Hillary Clinton win- released as it did just a week after the election. But just like Hillary’s crushing loss, all signs point to an impending epic failure for Kelly’s book as well.

Since the astonishing happened and Donald Trump won, the shrewd Kelly had to re-orchestrate her PR campaign blitz and use her controversial claim of Trump’s supposed bribery attempts on her to gain added publicity for her book. In fact, her book campaign thrust is anchored on Trump. But the move only ignited much displeasure from many Trump supporters and potential buyers and readers.

Kelly inked a mega deal of reportedly $10 million dollar with Harpercollins for the book. Yet a high profile celebrity memoir promising juicy details about her work, her network and the incoming president of the U.S. can only manage to land at number 5 on and number 9 on Barnes & Noble’s website. The two sites are the fastest measurement of a book's appeal to the public or its “saleability”- or in Kelly’s case- the seeming lack of it!

Adding insult to injury on why a celebrity cannot land at number 1 is the fact that Bernie Sanders claimed the top spot instead. Imagine that! Many people did not even know Sanders had a book out this week. Yet Sanders’ “Our Revolution: A Future to Believe In” published by Thomas Dunne/St. Martin’s Press is number 1 on amazon and number 3 on

Negative reviews on Kelly’s book have flooded Amazon site, with Kelly’s camp blaming Trump supporters for the harsh comments left on the website. Amazon was quick to censor and come to the defense of the beleaguered “author” and removed most of the negative comments.

Still, unfavorable reviews from readers poured in. One even wrote to describe Kelly as “confused as a feminist, lacking as a ‘journalist’, now she can add “failed as an author.”

Negative reviews can potentially have a damaging impact on the sales of a book as more than 50% of a best-selling book sales come from

One perfectly legitimate blogger-reviewer even describes Kelly’s book as “ leaving a sour taste on the mouth” as it only appeared to be interested in being controversial with her many allegations from a colleague’s sexual harassment to Trump’s alleged bribery attempts on her in exchange for favorable coverage, without offering substantial context. The reviewer hit Kelly that for being a supposed journalist, she could not be brave or judicious enough to give the readers the complete stories, but merely settled for tabloid-like sensationalism.

No wonder then that Kelly’s much anticipated scenario of her book making waves and selling like hotcakes- much like Hillary’s anticipated euphoric win- is not happening, and unlikely to gain momentum or turn the tide anytime soon. A failure’s a failure.

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