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Hungarian Prime Minister Passes Laws Against George Soros – EU Parliament Disagrees

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The European Union is once again unhappy with Hungary. After, or rather during, treaty violation proceedings against Hungary regarding the ongoing refugee crisis and the country’s unwillingness to have their country flooded with illegal aliens, the European Commission is now initiating yet another treaty violation lawsuit. This time, it’s about Hungary’s new NGO law.

In June, the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban passed a law forcing all nongovernmental organizations to register with a court if they receive financing from a foreign country. In Hungary, the organizations now have to publicly disclose where their foreign funding comes from and announce their status as a foreign-funded organization on their websites and publications. Any NGO that fails to comply with these requirements is to be closed.

Today, after reviewing these terms, the EU administration in Brussels declared this law to be in violation of European Union agreements. The Vice President of the commission, Frans Timmermans, stated that Hungary has one month to respond. Should they remain defiant, he threatened to take Hungary to the European Court of Justice.

Meanwhile, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s motivations could be related to George Soros. Orban’s negative opinion and attitude towards the investor of Hungarian origin suggests a correlation. The new Hungarian law would force any NGO funded by Soros to publically admit the connection.

This isn’t the first law passed by Orban that could inconvenience Soros and his influence on the country. This April, a piece of legislation limiting colleges with headquarters outside the EU was passed. This law threatens the very existence of the Soros-funded and -founded Central European University (CEU) in Budapest. How did the European Union react that time? Obviously, they answered with a treaty violation lawsuit.


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Anonymous No. 5090 2017-07-13 : 17:34

Well frau Katherine, you do need to remember, Europe tends to hate facist little pricks like Whoreban, remember your centrefold Shitler?

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