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She Lied Again: Hillary Did Not Turn Over 13 Devices With Her Emails to the FBI

Hillary Clinton signed a sworn statement nearly two years ago confirming that she turned over all of her emails to federal government investigators. But, as it turned out, and as characteristically Hillary, she lied again.

According to a new FBI document dump, Hillary Clinton and her lawyers actually failed to turn over to the FBI at least 13 different mobile devices containing relevant information regarding Hillary’s private email network

The law firm representing Clinton, Williams, and Connelly, gave the FBI two or three smartphones that have missing SIM card, and therefore effectively making the phones useless for any meaningful probe into Clinton’s conduct into the email affair.

Conservative watchdog Judicial Watch has reacted to this and its President Tom Fitton said: “We are presuming there are still 13 devices at issue. The new records today show how badly the Obama Justice Department and FBI mishandled the Clinton email organization. They get the equivalent of wiped phones from the Clinton lawyers and do nothing.

Big League Politics site was also able to talk to an FBI insider from whom they learned that dumped documents suggest that fired FBI Director James Comey was personally handling the probe instead of the special agent assigned to the case. Such is a highly unusual set-up.

Chuck Marler, a longtime FBI Special Surveillance Group member shared to Big League Politics his thoughts. He said: “This is the most important case the Bureau had and the case agent in charge of the case is only involved in a third of the case. The case agent is a pasty and case agent (SA) in name only. Comey ran the case!!!This case was never conducted according to FBI MIOG ( Manual of Investigative Operations) rules.

Marler pointed to many inconsistencies in the FBI dumps including on handwriting such as strict capitalization on some forms and not on others. Marler said this could mean that the special agent did not sign off on some of the evidence.He said the highly unusual set-up looks like a situation where FBI management, and not an individual special agent or team, was processing evidence.

Big League has previously reported that the FBI has a definitive Clinton backup email device the whole time, something that was not made known to most lawmakers and the public.

Datto, the Connecticut-based email storage company handed over a “device” consisting of five or six disks to the FBI in October 2015. The FBI also turned over the device to the State Department, which curiously never searched for it at all.


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Anonymous No. 5091 2017-07-13 : 17:41

Cool, if true nail the bitch, meanwhile is there any chance Trump's going to finally release his tax info properly?

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