By: Earnest Jones | 11-17-2016 | News
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Trump’s Candidate for Homeland Security Chief Calls for Suppression of Anti-Trump Protests

David Clarke who is the Milwaukee County Sheriff has tweeted severally asking the government to call a state of emergency; Clarke also said that the anti-trump protests should be subdued by use of military intervention. In what appears to be a five-step process to end the ongoing anti-trump protest, Clarke twitted on Friday saying that the government should impose a state of emergency, early curfews, mobilize National Guards, sanction non-lethal force, and finally use tear gas.

Clarke appears to be calling for the imposition of martial law and the shutdown of the cities where anti-trump protests are taking place. Clarke’s statements remind the U.S. citizens of the Boston lockdown back in 2013. In the Boston lockdown, people were urged to stay indoors as military police searched the area.

Boston was not the only place that such occurrences has taken place. Back in 2014, the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson Missouri sparked protests.

The police retaliated by imposing curfews.

On the other hand, the police can also use All non-lethal force strategy which entails using violence against the individuals that are protesting. This employs weapons such as rubber bullets, tear gas, tasers, kicks, baton strikes, pepper sprays, and sound canons.


In a report made by politico, the famous Clarke is one of the two candidates that are being considered for the position of the Director of the Department of Homeland Security under Trump’s administration. The other candidate who is being considered for the position of the Director of the Department of Homeland Security is also a celebrity Sheriff known as Joe Arpaio.

In a twit from Clarke, he emphasized that the temper tantrums from the radical anarchists must be put to an end. He also added that there is no legal reason behind the protesters rioting against the will of the American Citizens.

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