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How bad is the Don Jr. Situation?

The Russian narrative continues. Liberals are celebrating Donald Trump Jr.'s release of an incriminating email chain that documents his meeting with an attorney who supposedly works for the Kremlin. So how much trouble is this for Don Jr. and the president?

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Anonymous No. 5035 2017-07-12 : 12:44

My son Donald did a good job last night. He was open, transparent and innocent. This is the greatest Witch Hunt in political history. Sad!

This said by a mam who wont release tax info, etc, lies and somehow 'knows' about emails yet was never informed about them.

Witch hunt? Mmm, if that's the case prove it and stop hiding and delaying, the only sad thing here is that an estate agent is ruining the Presidency with his antics. Innocence or guilt become irrelevant when you embarrase your nation with your inability to behave like a grown man.

Just as an aside, Witch hunts didn't just burn innocent old ladies(no, I don't mean actual Witches), sometimes bad people got executed too.

Anonymous No. 5046 2017-07-12 : 17:16

Why do his tax returns concern you? What if the reason he's "hiding and delaying" is because there's nothing there?

Anonymous No. 5106 2017-07-13 : 21:00

If there's nothing there, why, keep avoiding it? The other Presidents were open and above board, he has been nothing but evasive, twisting and distorting the laws and constitution, if you want respect, you earn it. If there is nothing I will happily say so, but otherwise all I see is an abuser of power and privilege, something he's done for years. If you want to follow like a good puppy that's your choice, there's been people like you throughout the centuries, the obvious were the nazi's, but what about those who blindly followed the british in the civil war? Do you think they were right, because that's your logic, mine equates with the unionists. Anyway it boils down to this, if he wants trust, then he should be more transparent and helpful rather than hiding and screaming fake like a child, in all honesty my little son has more maturity than Trump and for a president that's unforgivable

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