By: Earnest Jones | 11-17-2016 | News
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Donald Trump And Vladimir Putin Relations After Trump Is Inaugurated Into Office

The Russian president Vladimir Putin sent the president-elect Donald Trump a message on the 9th of November. Putin was the first among the World leaders to send the message. In his message, Putin expressed his interest in improving the relations between the two countries, he also added that he hoped that the two would address the critical issues of the international agenda and the formulation of ideal solutions to global security threats. Minutes later, members of the Russian Duma applauded the president-elect Donald Trump on his victory in the election.

The Russian president appeared to be re-stating the comments that the president-elect had already made insinuating that the two leaders would co-operate. Mr. Trump emphasized that he would handle Vladimir Putin decisively but at the same time he intended to have friendly relations with Russia. Mr. Trump also emphasized that he would collaborate with Vladimir Putin in fighting the Islamic State militant group.

The relations between the two leaders will take an unknown turn as soon as he is inaugurated into power on the 20th of January 2017. This is because after the president-elect occupies office, he will have to deal with the superpower who has been offended by the propaganda and espionage between Russia, U.S. and it’s allies. The relations between the two countries have intensified than any time since the Cold War Era.

The president-elect will likely be faced by a dilemma on whether to continue and intensify the war that Obama had chosen to unleash on Russia or put to an end the sanctions against Russia thus allowing the Russian president to extend his power to Eastern Europe and other countries.

The president-elect will have to address the crucial concern. In an interview with The Guardian newspaper, Andrew Parker, the head of Britain’s internal security service made a statement in which he said that Russia was mobilizing various organs and powers to propel its foreign policy in intense ways. Such include; espionage, cyberattacks, and propaganda. Andrew added that this secret war by Russia was influencing news cycles as well as Stirling up political movements.

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