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Chinese Man Steals Co-Worker’s Breast Milk and Swaps It with Cow’s Milk

An office worker in Hong Kong stole the breast milk of his colleague stored at the office fridge and replaced it with the regular cow’s milk. The man will go to trial this month for theft.

A 26-year-old woman who works at the broadcast watchdog Office of the Communications Authority in Wan Chai called the police on Monday to report that two bottles worth of her breast milk had been stolen. The bottles were stored in the office fridge shared by workers. The breast milk was replaced with what appeared to be cow’s milk.

Investigators came to the office to probe. A 42-year-old co-worker of the breastfeeding woman, simply identified by his surname Yiu, confessed to taking the breast milk, drinking it and then replacing it with cow’s milk. He was arrested on theft charges. He is currently out on bail and would appear at the Eastern Magistrates’ Court next Friday.

The Communications Authority confirmed that Yiu was a telecommunications officer and promised to deal with the situation “in accordance with relevant procedure.”

In order to avoid further similar incidents from happening again, the office has provided a new lockable refrigerator in its pantry for the exclusive use of breastfeeding mothers.

The Hong Kong Breastfeeding Mothers’ Association “strongly condemned” the theft on Facebook and reminded nursing mothers to be “cautious in storing breast milk” and keep the milk in “lockable containers” if necessary.

Another breast milk theft incident happened last December, and it was worse as it also involved sexual harassment. An IT technician stole a co-worker’s breast milk, drank it, and then sent unsolicited dick pics to the owner of the breast milk because “he was stressed.” He sent text messages to the mother afterwards, saying that her milk was “quite sweet and very tasty” and asked if she would “let him” drink some more. He was ordered by the Eastern Magistrates’ Court to perform 200 hours of community service after his admission of the crime.


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Anonymous No. 5021 2017-07-12 : 03:27

Chinese have no manners!

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