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Rude Cyclist Experiences Maximum Karma

Watch the horrific moment a man who was rudely riding his motorcycle and hit another woman pushing her, fell onto the road knocking him head first under a moving bus.

The busy streets of Thailand can be a chaotic place at times with cars and bikers as well as pedestrians roaming through traffic.

Raphael Carrondo, who was making his way home through central Thailand, was thrown into the side of a road, after physically shoving off a woman who was with her children and karma booted his front wheel, forcing him down to the ground.

In that very moment a moving bus came by and ran over his head, crushing his skull while wearing his helmet still.

While it remains to be seen if the man survived it's most certain a sign that when you're rude and careless karma will bite you back.


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Anonymous No. 5011 2017-07-11 : 21:05

If you look, it's more likely he flinched into the woman after being startled by the coach coming past so close just as he passes her. If that is the case, I wonder what karma you'd be in for?

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