By: Savannah Smith | 07-11-2017 | News
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Black Woman Pushed Down the Stairs by Irate Airbnb Landlord, Cries Racism

The woman in the viral shocking video who was pushed down the stairs by an irate Airbnb landlord in Amsterdam has spoken, crying that she was the victim in the incident and also claimed that racism played a part in it.

]South African filmmaker Sibahle Nkumbi, who goes by the name Steve, claimed in her first interview since the incident that she suffered a concussion as a result of her being pushed down the stairs. She also said the man responsible for her injuries should be held accountable. She doubts, however, if she would receive the justice she wants for the troubles she went through.

Nkumbi admitted that the root of the heated argument between her group of friends and the landlord was their late check-out. She insisted, however, that she did nothing to deserve such a horrific treatment. She even argued that what happened was perhaps due to her race, that the landlord would not have done what he did to her to a white person. She stressed that if a white person were involved, things would have turned out differently.

The man seen in the video pushing Nkumbi down the stairs will likely face attempted murder charge.

The video that first emerged on social media and quickly went viral shows the Amsterdam homeowner shouting ‘out, out ‘ as he throws clothes and suitcases of the women out of the room and down the stairs. He screams ‘out now ‘one more time before pushing the African lady head first down the steep staircase.

Nkumbi hits the ground hard and appears to have slammed into the wall and the floor with her face, and then remains motionless. Her friends could be heard horrified screams.

The footage also shows the Dutch landlord walking down the stairs and going to where Nkumbi was lying and then instructing someone to call an ambulance.

Nkumbi is studying in Bern, Switzerland, and was in Amsterdam to do an article about an art exhibit.

Nkumbi admitted they were late in checking out, but claimed that she could not understand what made the landlord so upset as to forcefully grab her, and then the violent push.


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