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Breaking: Explosion at AirForce Recruiting Center in Oklahoma

A massive explosion has occurred outside of a Bixby, Oklahoma, Air Force recruiting center.

Law enforcement from multiple counties is on the scene as well as Special Agents from the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives to the site of the incident on 104th Street and Memorial Drive.

Officials said the blast occurred around 10:30 PM local time and as of now, there are no reports of immediate injuries.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is expected to be on the scene and issue a statement in the morning in what appears to clearly be an intentional act of domestic terrorism targeting the United States Air Force Recruiting Center.



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Anonymous No. 5010 2017-07-11 : 21:01


The FBI says a pipe bomb explosion that damaged an Air Force recruiting station in northeast Oklahoma is not being called an act of domestic terrorism. because investigators have not determined a motive and have not identified a suspect. ATF had said earlier they were treating the explosion as a possible act of domestic terrorism out of “an abundance of caution,” because of its proximity to the recruiting office.

"There's no doubt that military offices have been targeted in shootings and explosions in the past, but we also see people blowing off their fingers or blowing up their garages, And sometimes people see cops make a U-turn and they throw stuff, or see them coming and throw something."

The door of the center was blown off in the blast and landed in a parking space in front of the storefront and soot-covered windows. The office is situated in a commercial area that also houses small businesses, restaurants and financial planning firms. There is a movie theater nearby.

ATF and FBI agents are scouring the area for video surveillance that might have captured someone placing the device or could show a vehicle containing suspects.

"It's a two-pronged investigation," she said. "There will be work being conducted on scene and being conducted in the field, such as interviews and recovery of (video) surveillance."

Dale Barnett, the co-owner of Barnett Music Exchange, just four doors from the office in the Tulsa suburb of Bixby, says he just opened the musical instrument store on Monday. He suspects “some disgruntled guy” is responsible.

Wind your neck in.

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