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An anonymous source allegedly contacted President Trump and his administration as well as a few media outlets today to dump what he claims is 28,000 BRAND NEW Hillary Clinton emails.

For those that remember the Clinton Campaign claimed they handed over all of her emails during the Congressional Investigation, although since then it appears more and more unreleased data is being dumped to the public.

The source, only going by the name ‘The White Rabbit’, sent the following email to the press:

“First, I must remain anonymous for now. I would like to forward links to files that were sent to President Trump this morning & may be a big smoking Gun re: DNC hack/Russia, etc.”

“I am not the originator of these files and cannot vouch for their authenticity, just passing them along. They can be found here:””

The files are hosted on Mega, and are available on the following links:

Torrent files (encrypted):!o6AWhAjR!sO4xKYKMX-JkRQMvNRmtqUZaBmr5JJJ2I-UUkpYYrm

Files the anon claims are from 7/05/16!tzolCLhA!5pFP7LMhmbtp3VMhRT9gRg

Files the anon claims are 28,882 Hillary Clinton emails:!N2YjFCzQ!dP66-Chxpr7jM-KCho04Dw

Get to digging!

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Anonymous No. 4990 1499735459

This will probably confuse, and enrage but hey whatever;

If this stuff proves her guilty, nail her up.

I just want the same for the trumpton crew, clear the air and find 'all' the truth, where ever it leads

Anonymous No. 4992 1499744697

The Guy turned out to be a fraud. Either that or Gateway Pundit played everyone

Anonymous No. 4994 1499748581

You know? I look at these pictures you choose to denigrate the ones that 'you' hate, and I agree that they do look like the fuckwits they are, but it still doesn't eradicate the cretinous looks I have seen on Trumptards face, sorry but he either looks like a grinning orangutan thinking about his next shit/banana or both, or he looks like a sulky little schoolyard bully that's about to throw a tantrum because someone wouldn't give fat boy their dinner money or packed lunch. Seriously the only way I could see baboon butts face on money would be if it was Monopoly and even then either him or an ass kisser would have to arrange it. If you put him on a dollar bill I'd tape into my toilet and stream myself taking a piss on it daily, simply because I couldn't insult the dollar more than his face.

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