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Police Shoot CosPlay Batman Characters In Middle Of Sex Party

This past weekend Australian police were called to a costumed sex party at the nightclub known as ‘Inflation’.

When they arrived they were shocked to see CosPlay characters engaging in graphic sexual acts, but even more so that they were dressed as Batman characters.

When police raided the club however, around 40 total officers kicked in the door. Upon seeing the various characters with their decorative weapons police thought they were carrying real firearms and began shooting.

Dale Ewins, 35, who was dressed as the Joker, was reportedly left seriously injured after he was shot in the stomach when armed officers assumed his prop gun was a real weapon.

The party at the Saints and Sinners Ball, an erotic fancy-dress party described as a “no holds barred extravaganza of adult fun” via their website, is a kinky get together spot for those who are into various role playing sexual deviancy.

37-year-old Zita Sukys, was dressed as the notorious super villain Harley Quinn, and was shot in the leg during the raid by police where a costumed sex party was taking place.

Fortunately for the Harley Quinn CosPlayer she sustained a non-lethal flesh wound in her leg which wasn't considered ‘serious’, but her partner the Joker was rushed to the Royal Melbourne Hospital where he was initially in critical condition before eventually being stabilized.

According to the police, they arrived to the scene armed and then “opened fire on the couple because the man dressed as the Joker allegedly brandished a gun at them”.

However security for the event said they verified the gun was not real and merely a prop, and several witnesses who were attending the “Saints & Sinner Ball” claim the man was not holding it at the time of the shooting.

“Venue staff have stated that the male victim was not holding anything in his hand,” club owner Martha Tsamis said in a Facebook post. “Rather he was in a compromising position with his female partner, which is a normal activity with the nature of this event.”

Lisa Hardeman, the superintendent of Victoria police department’s northwest metro region, stated that the some 40 “Critical Incident Response Team” police officers showed up on the scene after 3AM when receiving multiple phone calls from other partygoers who’d seen the Joker’s gun and mistaken it for the real thing.

The owner of the club Martha Tsamis went on a firestorm of posts on social media, stating, “These events have been held for approximately 20 years at Inflation without any incident.”

She went on to say, “Participants are generally older adults who come in costume and engage with each other in adult fantasies.”


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