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Insanity: Failing New York Times and WaPo BEGGING Congress For Assistance

I can't even make this up. The Washington Post is literally a CIA asset already, with Amazon owner Jeff Bezos accepting $600 Million from the CIA, and the New York Times leading shareholder is a Mexican illegal narcotic billionaire Kingpin Carlos Slim, yet they're both pleading with Congress to save their dying companies.

It's not just Agent Bezos or the Drug Baron Slim though, the vile globalist puppet master Warren Buffet is also seeking help with his decaying Buffalo News Service.

You won't hear the left wing reporting this however, it would likely infuriate Americans to hear that literal billionaires are petitioning Congress to write a law that would benefit their greedy pockets over the interests of Americans.

Yet it's still happening even behind closed doors. Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos (worth $83.9 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaire’s Index), New York Times owner Carlos Slim (worth $61.1 billion), and Buffalo News owner Warren Buffett ($76.9 billion), are begging Congress to step in on their negotiations with Google, controlled by Sergey Brin ($45.6 billion) and Larry Page ($46.8 billion).

So much for the free market. These are some of the richest men not just in America but in the entire world, and they're wasting the American taxpayer's time and money by petitioning the United States Congress for the misguided idea that they deserve some special treatment.

In a Wall Street Journal op-ed, David Caverns, who is the President and Chief Executive of the News Media Alliance, also whose own board of directors has representatives of Bezos, Slim, and Buffet publications; wrote a piece actually complaining about what he says is “an economically squeezed news industry.” The Times, in a sad and pathetic column sympathetic to the effort, likened the news providers to “serfs.”

Obviously the poor “Serf” Jeff Bezos never took into consideration that the dinosaur news industry is exactly that, coming close to it's extinction, when decided to invest into the Washington Post.

What if the drug kingpin Carlos Slim had considered that the internet was the future when he decided to put hundreds of millions into the failing New York Times? Implying that Congress should bail out the problematic decisions of these billionaire “serfs” like Messrs, Bezos, Buffett, and Slim is an absolutely disgusting idea in general.

The New York Times and Washington Post specially are hilarious, since 90% of the American people do not trust them and view them as purely propaganda. Ironically over the years the New York Times has leaned towards an antitrust enforcement policy as well, so they're contradicting the very stances their publication has taken on other companies.

Nearly two years ago the failing New York Times was editorializing that Congress “should also study whether there are ways to strengthen the antitrust laws,” now is throwing it's support behind the attempts as. “an anticompetitive safe haven,” “a limited antitrust exemption.”

For the basic reader that doesn't understand what's happening here, these publications are using their own media power to push for laws that will benefit their companies. Then, if politicians don't agree to help, they'll smear them in their broadcasts or printed press. It's literally blackmail.

In the golden area of media, CBS Evening News, in its Walter Cronkite heyday on 60 Minute once said that the news is and was “free” to consumers, who were able to choose to pay by agreeing to sit through commercials which covered operational costs.

As the 2016 election stands as an example however, these publications are no longer news. The New York Times continuously printed propaganda and lies while raking in millions and overpaying their team. That hasn't stopped their endless greed though from wanting more and more to line their pockets.

So the suggestion that more expensive news automatically equals more accurate news is not just complete nonsense but an outright lie to the American people. Even more of a boldfaced fairy tale is the suggestion that the American Congress ought to impose its will onto one side of a set of business negotiations which will benefit the dinosaur media.

If these outlets are complaining about profits they can very easily raise their prices in two ways making their news more expensive to consumers, or their ads more expensive to advertisers. However regardless of what they do they're dying, and they don't seem to want to accept it.

Social Media was once the future, but now it's the reality. It controls the entire advertising industry and has billions of global consumers.

Thanks to major tech companies like Facebook or Google or the various other successful platforms, advertisers want to invest into those domains versus the aged media and news of previous generations. Who can blame them? Nobody cares about what the New York Times or Washington Post says anymore contrary to what they claim.

Even the United States Congress doesn't have a time machine, and this is simply evolution in the sense that the world, and America especially, has evolved from the past dominant media into a new era.

In reality, the failing New York Times and Washington Post and the many others like it only have themselves to blame, by printing propaganda and lies to the point that President Donald J Trump's words will forever haunt them. “The people don't trust you,” Trump said, “and the people don't trust the media.”


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Anonymous No. 4984 2017-07-10 : 21:00

Even if it's got dirty government money, it's not the government's place to intervene in specific bussinesses

Anonymous No. 4987 2017-07-11 : 00:56

What's making me laugh is that you have a billionaire that's ruined businesses and lives, as president, won't show how little tax he's paid or how much he owes, etc in charge of the country and is taking more money from the poor and giving bigger tax concessions to the rich and big business. Frankly left or right, I despise the corrupt equally, I wish you loot had chosen that indie, with that one at least they'd probably have concentrated on the job instead of popularity

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