By: Savannah Smith | 07-10-2017 | News
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Why did Obama Attend the G20 Summit? He's not MY President

The G-20 Summit is for current world leaders to discuss present, challenging issues. It’s not a throwback party for ex leaders- something that must have slipped the supposed “brilliant” mind of former President Barack Obama. For all intents and purposes, Obama has no business being at the G-20 summit, officially or otherwise. Yet through sheer audacity perhaps, he was there.

Obama took it upon himself to be there at the summit. There’s no word that he was officially invited. Even if he is best friends with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, he is no longer the U.S.President. Still, he acts like some dubious “shadow president”. He is obsessed with watching, commenting on, perhaps even plotting against the current administration. He can not let go of the fact that he is no longer in charge, and that his preferred successor was rejected in the last election.

The liberal mainstream media continue to be engaged in a love-fest with Obama and persist in giving him a free pass. They’re not calling out how creepy Obama’s behavior is- he shows up everywhere important that Trump goes to.

Obama also went to Italy when Trump was on his first series of foreign trips. He has no business being there, just as he has no business being in Germany either for the G-20 summit. This becomes especially true in light of the fact that his administration is under investigation for many alleged criminal offenses they did while in office. World Politicus asks an interesting question- maybe Obama’s grandstanding is his dubious way of deflecting attention away from charges his administration has to face and turn the negative press to Trump?

Even the issue of hotel accommodations issue of the U.S. delegation is being blamed by the liberal mainstream media on the supposed “incompetence “ of the Trump administration, when in fact, it has been disclosed by the White House that it was the Obama administration who messed up and have been amiss on that one mere administrative job. A simple act of securing accommodations for the U.S. team and yet the Obama administration still failed. What does Obama think give him the right to interfere in the current affairs now of the Trump government? Such audacity of arrogance.


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Anonymous No. 4991 2017-07-11 : 01:18

So fake it's embarrasing

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