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China Just Banned All Online LGBT Content

China has never been fond of it's gay community and even more so has been brutally savage in shutting down its online content that the sleeping dragon nation considers to be harsh or extreme.

So many around the globe aren't surprised that the safe space censorship of the Government’s long arm of propaganda decided to limit what content it's citizens could see on the internet over the last three decades.

However now China has decided to ban all online references to any lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender content from the eyes of the Chinese people on the internet.

The newest censorship regulations issued by Bejing will officially prohibit portrayals of homosexuality, prostitution, and any drug addiction. China deems all three to coordinate with one another saying that each of them can lead to the next.

The China Netcasting Services Association (CNSA) is targeting what they consider "abnormal" sexual activity. Anything homosexual related or promiscuous is officially on their list to be targeted.

The new rules which were issued last week which demand that online video platforms hire at least three “professional censors” to remove the content. This means instantly putting in ace new algorithms to identify and take down any content considered not sticking to the “correct political and aesthetic standards”, as the official ruling stated.

Human rights groups are as to be expected absolutely furious at this new screwdriver of tightening of censorship in China turns the bolts further into the steel of lockdown. Government officials had previously shut down any celebrity gossip blogs that authorities claim were “catering to the public’s vulgar taste” in order to promote traditional society and values.

Specific online material that is now deemed offensive include anything which can be seen as damaging the national image, criticizing revolutionary leaders of China, or portraying the supernatural such as “conjuring spirits”.

For those who don’t follow the new rules, there will be extreme punishment dealt after being reported to the police for further investigation, and if found to be guilty they could face public lashings or prison.

Wiebo, a Chinese microblogging website wrote that “First of all, from the perspective of an artist, very few countries in this world set up a censorship system that violates its citizens’ freedom to create arts. Second, it also violates the rights of sexual minorities to express their sexual preference.”

In early 2016, Freedom House, which is an activist group that promotes democracy and human rights, condemned China as the “worst abuser of internet freedom” in the world.

China has always had an incredibly poor record on gay rights. Peking University did a research study which showed that less than 15 percent of homosexuals said they had come out to their families, and more than 50 percent of those who had revealed their homosexuality said their families and the public suffered discrimination as a consequence of their openness.

Homosexuality in China was decriminalization officially in 1997. However it was considered to be a mental illnesses until 2001. Most people still view it as such.

The Chinese government banned any personification of LGBT individuals on television in 2016, stating that “No television drama shall show abnormal sexual relationships and behaviors, such as incest, same-sex relationships, sexual perversion, sexual assault, sexual abuse, sexual violence, and so on.”

China certainly has it's own harsh standards, which is ironic considering it's support from Leftist groups in America who are entirely unaware of how totalitarian the regime can be.


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Anonymous No. 4970 2017-07-10 : 14:37

Lol, 90% of American porn has just been banned, and the facists are being snarky about commies when facism is renowned for being oh so much better. both equally twisted and hateful

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