By: Diana Printz | 11-16-2016 | News

White House leaks sensitive information to CBS News. Sign of tension between Obama and Trump?

After a seemingly gracious interview on Trump's win, signs of tension may already be showing between Obama and Trump as the transition to the new presidency begins.

It appears that the Obama administration is leaking Trump's private communications regarding his transition to the media. According to CBS, Donald Trump's transition team requested top security clearances for his children Donald Jr., Ivanka, Eric, and son-in-law Jerrod. The reason for a clearance request would be, simply, so that they could have access to the background information of government officials who are being considered for roles in the Trump administration. It's a matter of routine that everyone who reviews these documents must have the proper security clearance. Far more interesting, is why and how the content of these private discussions is being leaked, and why it's being leaked to CBS specifically.

Want to guess? Interestingly, the White House National Security Communications Director, Ben Rhodes, is closely aligned with the President of CBS News, David Rhodes. Yes, they are brothers. And no doubt entirely impartial when it comes to spreading news about the new Republican president-elect. In his role as White House Security Communications Director, Ben Rhodes was responsible for eliminating the issues of al-Qaeda and the pre-attack reports of existing security problems from the White House's official Benghazi talking points list. As president of CBS News, David Rhodes gave a Benghazi interview to Hilary and Barack that avoided the hard questions - like how much was known about the risk of attack beforehand - and has been generally described as a "fluff interview." Additionally, David Rhodes is accused trying to get rid of one of his own reporters for daring to look for the truth about the attack on the American embassy, before, during, and after, doing anything in his power as president to avoid all questions of the current administration's culpability in the Benghazi attack.

After all that, a source has confirmed that a transition official on Trump's team denied that Trump requested the security, or that the adult Trump children have begun filling out the necessary paperwork, and it is not expected right now that they will. An interesting example of impartial "news" today.

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Anonymous No. 507 2016-11-17 : 06:46

I knew he was putting on an act in the interview afterward. He is a bitter man who is a disgrace to this country!

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