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Denver allows marijuana use in bars and restaurants

Before you get too outraged at this, hear out the facts. Denver Colorado has seen major economical and cultural success since the legalization of marijuana. Not only has crime dropped a whole 2.5 percent per 100,000 people according to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation*, but the state has seen an immense boost in its economy with 500 million dollars in tax revenue in the first year. This massive boost has helped the city rebuilt its roads and public programs and all while bringing more tourist cash flow to its cities.

I know what you may be thinking, how could a restaurant allow people to smoke marijuana where children will also be eating? Lets just dispel that thought right now, because 'smoking' it isn't allowed and there are a handful of other factors that must be considered before a restaurant or bar can allow the consumption of marijuana on its premises. Not only can it not be smoked, but locations must seek approval from its neighbors before it is allowed.

Emmett Reistroffer, a campaign manager for the pot-in-bars initiative says "It's the sensible thing to do. This is about personal responsibility and respecting adults who want to have a place to enjoy cannabis"**. This feels like another step in a series of steps in the right direction towards government recognizing the sovereignty of an adults towards choices made in regards to their own body. There is not a single case one can point to where a person has died from marijuana and those spreading the misinformation that it is dangerous and habit forming is simply not addressing the reality of it properly.

Sure there are people who will go overboard and not do anything with their life because they are stoned out of their mind all day and night glued to the couch watching cartoons and alien documentaries, but over indulgence is a plague that effects many people and is not specific to marijuana. Many people consume unhealthy amounts of sugar at the expense of their own health, or drink alcohol to the point of excess and physical harm yet they are allowed to do so.

These people do not however reflect the average person who eats sweets or consumes alcohol, in fact they represent the extreme. So before you make up your mind on this issue I beg you to consider that if someone wishes to eat themselves to death they are perfectly capable of doing so and are within their legal right, it only makes sense that people are allowed to consume marijuana on their own terms as well, as long as its within the bounds of the law.

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