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Meme Wars! Donald Trump Jr. Reposts Video of his Father Blowing Up CNN

President Donald Trump’s oldest son and his junior may have created a new online controversy about the Trump family’s escalating ‘war ‘ with CNN which the President branded as “fake news” and “fraud news.” Donald, Jr. shared on Instagram another meme video showing his father launching a rocket at the CNN logo. It was, of course, a perfect aim - in the video, that is, and CNN exploded, and shattered into pieces signifying its crushing defeat in the hands of President Trump.

Donald Trump, Jr. captioned the video with his glowing review. He said: “One of the best I’ve seen.” He then put three smiling emojis and branded his post as ‘repost ‘and tagged whom Donald, Jr probably thought was the original maker behind the video. Then he added a statement addressed to CNN and tagging them as well. Donald, Jr’s message for CNN was certainly mocking as he said: “Hey @CNN, we heard you like memes” and then he ended with lots of emoji icons.

The video meme was not really created by @oldrowofficial as Trump, Jr. Nay have speculated. Rather, the meme was created by The Daily Caller’s Chief

The meme was first created by The Daily Caller’s chief video editor, Richard McGinnis, who originally posted it to Twitter on Friday. A popular Instagram and Twitter account, Old Row Official, appears to have taken the video from McGinnis’ tweet and passed it off as their own original content. It was there that Don Jr. discovered the video and reposted it on Instagram.

Old Row denied to The Daily Caller that they used McGinnis’ video and took credit for it, saying that a follower submitted it to them.

President Trump and CNN share a hostile relationship as Trump feels the network is highly critical of him and that it delivers “fake news/ fraud news”. Such Trump’s belief in the duplicity of CNN reached epic proportions following a botched story about Trump’s adviser. CNN issued an apology for that. The controversy led to the resignation of two editors and a reporter from the news organization.

Feeling vindicated, the President also reposted a video meme where he was seen body slamming CNN to signify that it’s being crushed, too. Well, looks like it is a case of “like father, like son”, after all the younger Trump is not a son but the President’s namesake as well.


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Anonymous No. 4943 2017-07-10 : 00:05

Donald Traitor JR, the dickhead that has dropped himself in the shit so badly even FAKESNEWS haven't been able to twist it yet, don't worry though daddy will scream fake news again, and if needed he'll do what he's always done with failures, he'll pretend not to know them, it's not like betrayal is a problem.

Anonymous No. 4953 2017-07-10 : 03:26


Butthurt lol

Anonymous No. 4955 2017-07-10 : 04:46

Anonymous 7/10/2017 4:26:12 No. 4953


Butthurt lol

Sigh, oh i'm wounded, the horrific cruelty of your statement, aaargh the agony…

in the meantime back on planet givesashit, the reason stated it that way was to engender(look it up) resxponses, unfortunately thus far I have received your amazingly insightful and oh so cruel comment, woe is me I shall endeavor to limp in mincing steps to buy some buttcream, farewell oh cruel, cruel wordsmith, adieu.

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