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60 year old Kevin Mallory not only has ties to the deep state being a Covert Case Officer and CIA Contractor, but he's apparently been selling America’s intelligence secrets to China, Federal Prosecutors say.

The man hailing from Leesburg, Virginia, is accused by the government of violating the Espionage Act, one of the most severe charges and American intelligence agent could possibly face.

Investigators say that Mallory was detained in an airport after returning from Shanghai with $16,500 in cash on his person, exceeding far more than individuals are allowed to carry in paper currency.

Many classified details of the arrest and investigation will not be released to the public due to the sensitivity of the concerns that could Threaten the security of the United States of America, agents say.

Customs Enforcement knew something wasn't right about he man when he returned to the states, at which time they contacted an undisclosed Federal Agency and the investigation and eventual charged were brought against the traitor.

The Judge in the case ruled that the disgraced agent is to be held without bond, after prosecutors say that his experience in the Central. Intelligence Agency would give him the necessary connections and skills to flee the country.

At Friday's hearing in Alexandria, U.S. Senior Judge T.S. Ellis III said that he has no sympathy for traitors to liberty and her homeland. The next hearing is scheduled for the end of the summer.


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Traitors deserve death

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Talkative Trump nervously runs finger round collar

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