By: Jasalle Jash | 11-16-2016 | News

Evidence Supporting John Oliver’s Deportation Found

Aside from his television shows, English comedian John Oliver has been known as an avid critic of President-elect Donald Trump.

However, his days of blasting Trump on U.S. television might be over soon after new evidence that could lead to his deportation recently surfaced.

After the results of the election were unveiled, Oliver used his television show “Last Week Tonight” to insult Trump and his credibility to be the new leader of the United States. Through his rant, Oliver referred to the new president of the country as racist, misogynistic and a hate monger.

“It turns out that instead of showing our daughters that they could someday be president, America proved that no grandpa is too racist to become leader of the free world,” he said during the show according to The Guardian.

Obviously, Oliver’s statements reflect the type of insults that the liberal media tends to throw at Trump during the course of his campaign race. But, what Oliver doesn’t seem to know is that he might actually be included in the 3 million immigrants that Trump is planning to deport under his administration.

Earlier this week, users over at Reddit uncovered an incriminating photo of Oliver that could serve as grounds for his deportation. According to the user, back in 2007, Oliver had a visitor’s visa which allowed him to work on the “Daily Show” as a correspondent.

During that same year, a writer’s strike broke out which then affected various television shows in the U.S. In the photo uploaded by the Reddit user, Oliver can be seen walking the picket line and even carrying union picket signs with the other protesters.

The photo clearly shows that Oliver has blatantly violated an immigration law. Despite having a visitor’s visa, Oliver is still a foreigner staying in the U.S. And, as a foreigner, he is not allowed to participate in union strikes. This can be compared to an illegal immigrant voting in the U.S. election, which is considered as a felony since this right is only available to legitimate citizens.

This photo can be used to report Oliver to the U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement and have him deported.

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Anonymous No. 496 2016-11-16 : 21:03

Revoke his visa or green card and send him away!

Anonymous No. 502 2016-11-16 : 21:09

Good riddance !!

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