By: Savannah Smith | 07-09-2017 | News
Photo credit: Klay Network

Watch: Humble President Trump Helps Retrieve his Marine Guard's Cap

It’s like a breath of fresh air- something that not even the biased mainstream media cannot fall for and find charming enough to run the story. But for Trump solid believers and supporters, it is something not surprising as it is consistent with the man they know him to be, and not the vile person mainstream, liberal media twist and project him to be.

It’s not an outburst. It’s not a gaffe. It’s not anything awkward or embarrassing. Currently hot topic on social media is that warm, gentle moment when Donald Trump, Commander-in-Chief on his way to board Air Force One bending down to retrieve a Marine’s hat that was blown off from his head as the fellow stands guard for Marine One at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland, where the President and his delegation arrived from the G-20 summit in Hamburg, Germany. Trump not only picked up the hat but he also went to the Marine’s side to put back the hat himself and even gave the guy a pat on the side.

The wind, however, quickly blows the hat again, but a determined Trump chase it again. He then hands the hat to another military official so he could put it back on the Marine’s head. The President then went on to board Air Force One.

Even if the “errant” wind blew the hat again, it does not matter and does not take away the significance of one little moment where the pubic- through the video- caught a glimpse of Trump in a fresher, better, more humane light. It’s one of a caring President who’s not high and mighty enough not to do a gentle, warm act for a man serving him and the nation.

It is something, not even fake news and vile liberal media can fake, even as some try to make light of it by joking that now Trump can be called hat-catcher in chief.


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Anonymous No. 4919 2017-07-09 : 15:35

I wonder what Obongo would do. Probably point and start laughing.

Anonymous No. 4922 2017-07-09 : 16:32


it depends on your knowledge, properly speaking he should've ignored it as per protocol, that he did it speaks to lack of accurate information, still refreshing to see that he has some humanity

funny how many of you scream about if you hate the president or take the piss, it means you hate america. based on comments like obongo(cwever boy) and about the bushs or clinton, you've been traitors for years(to use your words), or maybe it's only 'other' people you mean

oh, by the way, which news companies are fake and which aren't, you seem to use all of them

1. GoldWater News. Fake


Anonymous No. 4957 2017-07-10 : 06:03

That act is very familiar …

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