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Pence purges all lobbyists from Trump's transition team

Donald Trump is not the only one with a backbone, his running mate, Vice President Elect Pence, has already done some "cleaning up" in Trump's office. Pence has, "reportedly ordered the removal of all lobbyists from president-elect Donald Trump's transition team", according to the Business Insider (2016). All one can say is keep up the good work! Getting rid of the cesspool before they hit the White House, one could not be more impressed. These men are not even inside the Oval Office yet, however, already making some big changes. Americans need to see this right now. Big businesses should not be running our government, with most of their interests tied up in the profit of wars. Clinton lost, so no Nuclear World War III for now. George Soros is not finished with his illuminati plans for a New World Order, however, the American people have had enough. The Truth Movement is out there and many American people have unplugged their cable boxes and inserted themselves into a world of knowledge they have never been exposed to before, via YouTube and the Drudge Report's online website.

Wikileaks, the Drudge Report, Alex Jones, Dick Gregory and Edward Snowden assisted in completely saving America from voting for Hillary. One must admit that Hillary sounded pretty good, she even looked better than most had seen her in years…it just looked like she was going to win, did it not? However, the American people were sick of events not adding up, (Benghazi, Hillary's emails, the Clinton Foundation, Haiti, Lolita Express, and Pedo Island) thus, the Truth Movement exploded. YouTube was bombarded with channels that wanted to get the truth out to the American people (9/11 was an inside job, being the most popular).

The truth that one does not see on CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, or FOX News. Do you remember a time where there were actual journalists, seeking the truth, and getting that information back to the American people? Were those journalist you remember suddenly fired for some reason? Very few do remember, now major news networks seem to mainly report on celebrities and seem extremely bias to anyone who wants to change how things are by exposing them. For example; Colin Kaepernick, Bill Cosby, Donald Trump, and many more. But those same news outlets will have Hillary Clinton, an American traitor and criminal, look like a complete angel. Really?

To all those people protesting in the streets, being trolls on the internet, or just voicing their opinions to whomever, you have that right. Hillary Clinton and her despicable husband, former President Bill Clinton, can make ones skin crawl with all the "deplorable" things that they have done, and still continue to do till this day. One has to wonder, will Hillary Clinton go to jail, or will she indeed be pardoned by our want-to-be-dictator President Obama? Will Trump make good on his promises? Find out, during the next four years these are the days of our lives.

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