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Savage Black Man Murders 5 Year Old Over A Shoe

Marvyn Iheanacho, 39, is accused of brutally murdering the son of his lover, Lilya Breha’s five year old son over a missing shoe.

Court records state that Iheanacho took the five year old child and beat him violently against a park gate until he was dead. Right in the eyes of the general public no less.

Witnesses in Mountsfield Park overheard the five year old, Alex, apologizing for losing his shoe to his stepfather right before he was killed at the park in Hither Green, Southeast London, the court stated.

Iheanacho then carried the limp body of the lifeless child into the park and called the boy’s mother, Lilya Breha, claiming he had fallen asleep.

Alex laid dying on the park bench in front of pedestrians and bystanders when there was a hospital, Lewisham University, just under five minutes of a walk away.

When the incapacitated child was brought home in a taxi, Iheanacho attacked his lover in order to stop her calling an ambulance.

Emergency medical responders say that Alex wasn't brought to the hospital until 8:30PM. Which means Iheanacho forced the child's mother to keep her dying son at home for several hours.

Doctors say that Alex died of severe head injuries two days later following an unsuccessful surgery.

A post-mortem autopsy reported that Alex was covered in bruises from head to toe with a cause of death given as bleeding on the brain. The pathologist said he identified at least 22 bruises as well as internal bruising of his abdomen.

Iheanacho is now accused of murdering Alex in a trial expected to last three weeks. He insists the injuries were accidental, Woolwich Crown Court heard.

Prosecutor Eleanor Laws, QC, said Iheancho had done everything he could to avoid responsibility for the death of the child continuously changing his story.

Laws, “The deceased victim was a little boy named Alex Malcom. He was just five years-old when he died. Iheanacho, a man who was looking after him, acting as his step father, but who on the early evening of 20th November last year, lost his temper and violently assaulted the boy, causing him fatal head and stomach injuries.”

She went on in the court hearing to say that, “The defendant is a man who has, ever since done his best to avoid being held accountable for those injuries. Alex suffered injuries that were to end his life, whilst in the defendant’s care.”

Testimony from witness Sarah Strugnell said that she saw the park gate rattling back and forth as if someone was being punched against it, hearing around eight punches in a rapid manner.

“The defendant appeared to bend down to the child and ask where the child’s shoes were. The child appeared to indicate that the shoes were in the park.” She said.

The trial is expected to last approximately three weeks but the life of five year old Alex will never return to his mother.


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Anonymous No. 4907 2017-07-09 : 08:23

This is so horrible on multiple levels. This black guy must have had a terrible childhood to even do this. Like bad memories from his childhood losing s shoe.

Anonymous No. 4911 2017-07-09 : 11:48

8chan as source…?

Anonymous No. 4913 2017-07-09 : 12:07

Coalburning slut bitch deserved it. Look at that mongoloid 'child', no soul whatsoever and ugly af.

Anonymous No. 4925 2017-07-09 : 16:53

wow, I knew I was pissing you off with my fact check comments, etc, but to have you start deleting them because you're to weak to take the truth, excellent

Jim No. 4951 2017-07-10 : 01:41


Put it in a better format. It looked like spam links the way you posted it. I am deleting spam links all the time. You can post it again.

Anonymous No. 4976 2017-07-10 : 15:47

My post merely referred to several insanely pathetic murders commited by 'us' white people, IE, boy who killed mates ex for a breakfast, a family who slaughtered another family over a burst football, another where a cretin shotgunned his wife over cold eggs, and so on. The links were simply to save typing due to nerve damage

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