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Islamic State training terrorists on how to get asylum in Europe

The German intelligence agencies have issued warnings that Islamic State terrorists are disguising themselves as refugees seeking asylum in Europe.

The Islamic State boasted of infiltrating Europe to spread terror and devastation, a threat that was downplayed by the MainStream media and political parties predominantly leaning towards the left.

Caution was thrown to the wind and no proper vetting measures have been in place. Many potential terrorists are known to have already fled Mosul, Iraq and Raqqa, Syria.

The terrorists are being trained by ISIS to avoid detection and blend in with the refugees. Germany's Federal Intelligence Service (BND) told Die Welt in a report that terrorists are instructed not to attract attention from law enforcement agencies. They are being trained on how to face interrogation and investigation in order to circumvent safety procedures.

Some of our elected leaders have been hesitant to admit this widespread menace in a bid to appeal to liberal sentiments. It appears that being called an "Islamophobe" is preventing these officials to be forthright with the public.

Susanne Schröter of Frankfurt University spoke with DW and said the following "This was known since the beginning. I warned about such a possibility even before there were any examples of terrorists slipping in. This is because IS announced that it would send attackers to the continent through the route which refugees were taking. At the time, politicians denied this," she added, referring to over 1 million refugees from Syria and Iraq, who landed in Europe last year. The situation in European countries like Germany, which took in over 840,000 refugees in 2015, was difficult. Border controls had to be given up and many of those coming in could not be registered by authorities properly, compounding the problem."

The list of attacks seem to be growing. A terrorist attack at Brussels airport and an underground station resulted in the death of 32 people and left many people injured. Ansbach, a German town has reported many violent knife incidents and suicide bombing. In September, a Syrian named Jaber Albakr, was captured by the police and highly sensitive explosives were found in his flat. Albakr is known to have committed suicide despite being in police custody.

Rape, theft and petty crimes continue to devastate other parts of Europe resulting in a major cause of concern to the police and intelligence organizations who are ill-equipped to detect and tackle such huge numbers.

This ongoing crisis should be contained immediately or it might lead to deaths and major destruction.

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