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Colorado Democrats Canceling Voter Registrations In Record Numbers

After President Trump initiated a new commission to investigate voter fraud, record numbers of Democrats in the Blue State of Colorado have sent in requests to terminate their registration.

Effectively granting the Republicans in Colorado a more proactive chance at winning the state in the future, which tends to lean left due to it's degeneracy and social justice haven of cultural marxism in the larger cities.

Don't allow the large cities mistakes to however sway your opinion on Colorado in general, there are millions of hardworking and patriotic Americans residing within the state’s gorgeous landscape trying to fend off the Communist infiltration from across the country which floods in to seek cheap marijuana and the party scene.

Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams (R) said last week he would willfully provide the state’s public voter file to the newly organized commission, which includes voter’s full names, year of birth, political party and voting history.

It does not include information like the last four digits of voter's Social Security numbers, driver’s license numbers or full dates of birth. Williams said he would not provide those to the commission.

Due to the decision from Williams to hand over the voter data Colorado has seen a 2,150 percent increase in requests to terminate voter registrations. That's an incredibly high number and the first time that requests to terminate have surpassed registrations to vote.

“I never expected to come to work and see such a sudden increase in voter registration withdrawals. I never expected to see more withdrawals in a day than new registrations,” Amber McReynolds, the Director of Elections for Denver, said in a statement. “The impact on voters is real. The impact on civic engagement is real. The impact on election offices is real.”

Critics of the new government ran voter investigation committee complain of fearing the information could somehow get released to the public, which is simply absurd. That information is likely already on the black market readily available to advertisers and has been for years.

It's also important to note than in Colorado for the price of $5 voters can fill out a confidentiality firm which secures their anonymity from being released.

The impact in future elections could shift the balance to the GOP, many analysts say, if requests to terminate continue at this rate.


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Stuart Johnson No. 4914 2017-07-09 : 12:12

This article is full of crap. Why people fear the voter info being turned over is that a Republican controlled government will use the info to go after people who didn't vote for Trump.

Anonymous No. 4936 2017-07-09 : 19:12

Stuart Johnson 7/9/2017 13:12:0 No. 4914

Hey don't you know, you can't point out things like that, 'cause if you do it means you're a … hang on, let me get this right;

A butthurt, schlomo, kike, nigger, lefty, treehugging, homo, commie, jew, lesbo, faggot, schill, liberal, blah, blah, blah, yadda, yadda.. sorry I got bored. basically all the dumb names uttered by weak minded morons repeating same the tired words their daddies taught them.

Funny thing is I for example believe firmly in executing rapists, pedophiles, drug dealers(of any rank), unjustified murderers(yes, there are justifiable ones), etc. but apparently i'm weak in the mind and soft hearted.

Yeah, I don't get it either :)

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